Mau dong di baperin bulan puasa. Ghina x anyone in exo. Kak riss 😏😏😏 do you mind...

hi Ghina maaf ya baru dibales :'
"Ghin, he's staring at you."
"that tall handsome guy with pale skin. OH MY GOD HE'S SMILING TO US GHINA." Ghina's friend was being crazy over him, yes that guy, it wasn't like Ghina couldn't see the handsome guy but it was just........
"stop following me around. you sure have your own classes, don't you?" Ghina madly said it all while finishing her english literature assignment, 'damn u lecturer' she thought.
"I just come to see you when I have finished my classes." Sehun calmly replied and kept playing games on his phone.
"SEHUN PLEASE." Ghina was enough with the way Sehun kept talking back to her.
"too many guys staring at you everyday, it bothers me."
"you're one of them."
"I'm different. I'm special."
"geez, if you already knew then calm your tits. no need to see me everytime. you're like a stalker."
"I am." he did it again, without took a single glance at Ghina. Ghina could feel her head was going to explode, she took a seat beside Sehun; staring at him. she amazed at how perfect he is, she sighed.
"Sehun stop playing the game and look at me."
"I'm looking at you."
"you aren't."
"my heart is."
"SEHUN." Sehun stopped playing the game and turned his head, lowered it a lil bit to face Ghina.
"what is it? hm?"
"stop. stalking. me." Ghina said, gave a serious tone in every word. Sehun just stared at her, not giving any response.
"I thought you trust me?" Ghina said, hopelessly. Sehun nodded, he trusted her.
"then why?"
"I thought you will just disappear in a blink of eye. so I come to see you everyday." Sehun /finally/ talked seriously.
"people come and gone. love come and gone. but I don't want you to be gone......." he said while holding Ghina's hand.
"and it turned me to be insecure and paranoid. I just don't want to be gone. I'm just not enough, still not enough, never be enough to love you." he smiled, softly.
"but I'm sorry, I know I'm wrong. make you mad almost everytime, annoy you everyday. I trust you but-"
"I won't come to see you again, it's ok we can meet on weekend or if you want only."
"or if you don't want to meet at all, it's fine too. I'll understand."
"Sehun, I won't disappear in a blink of eye. I want to meet you everyday too, no, you're not wrong for being insecure because I do feel that way everytime I realize dozen girls run after you. but trust me. we're not a high school students anymore, are we?" Ghina said in a veeeery soft way. she understood, Sehun; behind that mature look, he's just an emotional teen. Sehun nodded and smiled "okay."
"good." Ghina pulled her hand and started to finish her assignment again, but
"what the-" Ghina turned her head, and all she could see was Sehun locked her lips with his. he even giggled in their kiss. he broke the kiss and ruffled her hair
"thankyou for the lunch Ghin!" as he ran, leaving Ghina at the living room.
Ghina blankly touched her lips,