for kak sarah part 1

kak sarjjang, maaf ya jikalau diluar dari ekspetasi.
"you shouldn't leave me hanging & staring at my phone for 2 hours for just a 'I just got home' thing." Luhan complained, almost screamed on the phone. Sarah could feel the urge to end the phone call but geez, no she couldn't.
"I was busy, I should finish it before the deadline. got it?"
"got it." Sarah breathed in relief.
"but you should reply my text first!" again, Luhan complained bout how Sarah being careless to him though they're in long distance relationship; for 3 months and it was already the 75th day; for the God's sake.
"okay, your majesty." Sarah replied in lazy voice, she was too tired to have another argument with her so-called-man.
7 days and Sarah didn't get even a phone call from Luhan. she thought he was just a lil bit mad and yeah, he would text her like he used to. Luhan couldn't be mad at her more than 24 hours and Sarah knew it.
"SARAH!!!" Sarah turned her head to find her friend waving at her.
"oh hi!!
"where have you been?"
"being sucked by the job"
"oooh, same here lol! anw, I don't know you broke up with Luhan?"
"I..... what?"
"broke up with Luhan?"
"you surely need to watch tv or read some magazines to help you out, Sarah. people are talking bout Luhan with idk who the name is, an artist from Beijing."
Sarah's face turned dark. 7 days without even a text and she got this.
"hello?" Luhan's voice was clear, she missed that voice. she was going to shower him with i miss you words but then she remember what she wanted.
"having a great time with new gf?" Sarah asked, calmly, oh yeah she tried.
"new what?"
"don't hide it, you're bad at lying."
"Sarah, you surely didn't think I got a new girlfriend when I'm still with you, right?" Luhan's voice got a lil bit higher, he was getting mad.
"I wasn't, but then people are talking bout you and that artist so" Sarah didn't know what to say anymore, she didn't even know why would she called Luhan at the first place. but then she was surprised to hear a loud laugh; it was Luhan's laugh
"what are you laughing?!" Sarah scolded him.
"are you jealous? Sarah, are you jealous? I mean you have never been jealous to me. it's new." he tried to speak properly because he was still laughing.
"I'm not."
"Sarah is jealous. Sarah is jealous." he kept repeating the same thing
"I AM NOT!!!" Sarah screamed, she was sure she wasn't jealous. Luhan stopped laughing. there was a silence between them
"you're cute you know." Luhan's voice got softer.
"I didn't even think to get a new girlfriend here, the china artist is my friend. we used to hangout together a lot since we have a project. she's just a friend."
"then why did you send me no text for 7days?" Sarah demanded another explanation
"didn't I tell you?"
"I would be really busy for filming my new movie?" Luhan said, he knew it. Sarah didn't listen what he has said carefully because all they have done last time was fighting and arguing.
[pt 1]

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