for kak sarah part 2

"I- oh my god! I AM SORRY LUHAN, I JUST- I-" Sarah lost her words. she felt so stupid and childish right now.
"you're cute." even Sarah could see Luhan was smiling when he said it. Sarah's face turned red.
"Luhan I didn't mean to- I mean I was just a bit mad and lost, also the fact we didn't even have a text for 7 days and I-" she couldn't finish it, she just lost words.
"you?" Luhan waited for his girlfriend, more like teasing her based on how he asked.
"I just-"
"you just?"
"Luhan, you know. come on."
"I don't know. say it." Luhan kept teasing her. he just loved to do it.
"geez forget it." Sarah sighed, frustrated at how she couldn't say how much she missed him in words because she was just /that/ shy and it didn't fit her image.
Luhan giggled, he loved how Sarah always put her image > anything. she rarely said love words to him.
"I miss you." Luhan said, he could see how Sarah's face turned redder.
"I miss you so much that it feels like I could eat you once we meet."
"I'm still talking, lady. I miss you so much that I would hug you really tight once I reach home. I would shower you with sweet yet gross words, whisper it all to you and you can't run. because I would hold you. I miss you so much that I want to finish all these shits fast and go home. I wanna touch you, in appropriate way, ofcourse."
Sarah didn't say anything, all she knew is she missed him even more. she felt bad because it was always been Luhan who spilled out everything, she wanted to say it all too but words didn't come out. she mised him so much too, she wanted to hug him too, she wanted to hold him too. she tried hard to say something but all she got was
"be home, soon as possible, Luhan."
Luhan giggled again and it tickled her ear, she didn't know how she loved his giggle so much.
"I will, lady. my lady."
and that's how they fix all the misunderstanding, in the end the answer is a honest talk.

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