Kaaak would u mind if i request a fanfic with chanyeol in it?? like...the scenario is about chanyeol ternyata udah di jodohin dan konflik sama ceweknya karna hal itu? lol thanks before ^^

"i think we should break up." chanyeol calmly said as he hold your hand, your head got blank
"listen, i-"
"what did i do wrong this time? is there something wrong with us?" you got panicked, throwing back in past few days if there was something happened between you two.
"my parents want me to marry their friend's daughter."
by that, your dark days started.
"have you eaten?" chanyeol asked in the mid of class break, you stared at him. it felt so wrong, he was there with you but he would go so far soon. actually, in one month.
"does it matter to you?" the words slipped out, you cursed yourselves. chanyeol sighed, he took a seat beside you.
"i'm sorry..." he said it and he really meant it. but you couldn't just accept everything.
"didn't you fight for me? for us?" you asked, with a high pitch as people started to look at you guys. but you didn't give any fuck to them, it was about you and chanyeol.
"i've told them i have girlfriend but they didn't listen to me."
"it's because you have never asked me to meet your parents." you said with a desperate laugh, your mind just couldn't think clearly, everything was like black and gray. confusing.
"forget it chanyeol, in fact you have never tried for us." then you left him, you cried.
your days got darker.
it has been 20 days and all you got was tears and dark circles. you skipped class a lot and skipped your meal, you didn't go out with friends because your mood was just too bad to deal people, it felt like you were fading away. you were soulless and empty.
'where are you?' as usual, chanyeol asked you by text when he couldn't find you at campus.
'what's wrong with you? are you sick? you skipped class a lot.' chanyeol was so caring and still he always be. but it was hurt, even more.
'does it matter to you?' you didn't put your hope high because everytime you asked this question, chanyeol would just change the topic.
'yes, you're /really/ matter to me. stop killing yourself, stop fighting for us. please fight for yourself.'
you cried until midnight.
day-30. the last day, chanyeol would go to the girl's house and proposed her.. you took your phone when you saw chanyeol name on it.
"hey" chanyeol greeted, it wasn't a bright voice but he tried.
"hey too"
"where are you?"
"home. where else?"
"....uhm i-"
"good luck for today" you tried to held your tears. after this day, you have promised to break up with him. to forget him. to fight for your own happiness. chanyeol sighed.
"i'm sorry if i hurt you, mostly in past few days. i lo-"
"don't. the more you say how i worth to you, the harder i let you go."
"....you're right."
"so this is a goodbye?"
"take care of yourself, promise?"
"i don't make promise anymore. in the end we broke it all." chanyeol didn't say anything, you two were in silence. you cried out loud soundlessly as your heart was tearing apart, then you promised this would be the last tears.
goodbye park chanyeol.