Jongin x Val pt 2

it has been one on going two weeks Jongin skipped classes and was nowhere to be found. Jongin's classmates asked Valerie because yeah they're close friend but Valerie gave no answer because she didn't know where the hell is that kid.
Valerie always treats him as kid. a brother. a family.
'you're stupid, Val.' was the only thing she could keep saying to herself as she crazily pushed the 'call' button to Jongin's number.
"what? Val?"
"uhhh.... home?" and by then Valerie rushed out of the class, she wanted to meet him, no, she MUST meet him.
Jongin didn't even know what to do when he saw Valerie, fulls of sweats, knocking his door.
"...hi?" he said awkwardly.
"hhhh---hi." Valerie tried to breathe.
"you.... look...."
"I am sorry."
"what?" Jongin spaced out. "Val, you should come in fir-"
"Jongin, I am sorry."
"what for?" Jongin tried to understand what was Valerie talking about.
"I am sorry for being un-sensitive to you. I was treating you like a kid, asked what do you want, what should I do and give it but I have never understood you, your heart." Valerie said it /really/ fast that made Jongin needed seconds to process it.
"Jongin, I-"
it was fast, like a blink of eye but Jongin took Valerie's hand and embraced her into a hug. Valerie cried for the very first time.
"I don't know you're a cry baby." Jongin giggled and put his hand on Valerie's shoulder. they just sitting at the living room, enjoying GOT with popcorn and cola, yeah like the way they used to.
"excuse me???" Valerie turned her head in horror.
"what's that? tears for me?" he kept laughing but never stop looking at Valerie's eyes.
"shut up." Valerie ignored him and just kept putting popcorn into her mouth; Jongin kept staring at her, he curved a smile.
for the very first time, Valerie didn't know.
"hey Val." Jongin called her and made her faced him, gestured a 'what?' then Jongin said "I'm home."
Valerie got confused, she tilted her head "ofcourse... this is your home?" Jongin smiled, warmly, he kissed Valerie's hand.
"no, you're my home."

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