Kak, shortfic sama Jongin dong pengen dibaperin deh

Siska June
"good luck"
it was 3 years ago when siska saw the beautiful moves in front of her on the street. the sweats ran down his face and the way he breathed that tickled siska's ears.
a dancing masterpiece kept moving his body passionately.
she just met her next mistake.
"jongin. kim jongin." he introduced himself to her right after the runaway section from the policemen.
"siska." she replied calmly, jongin smiled.
"i often see you here these days... anyway sorry for forcing you to follow me but i'm afraid they'll take you their office."
"why did they run after us? i mean... you?"
"it's illegal to perform on the street but i have no money to make my own stage. actually, i get money from street dance." jongin explained it with a chuckled, he felt a lil bit ashamed to see he just made a girl with branded things all over her body ran away with him. he was ready for her complaint but when he turned his head,
siska was smiling-warmly.
she fell even more for this guy.
"jongin do you like brown or black?" siska asked while kept looking for new coat. winter was near, she couldn't help herself to see jongin in one so-called-thick-enough jacket.
"black?" jongin blankly gave an answer as siska gave him a coat.
"do you like it?"
"siska i don't n-"
"no. no. nope. take it as a winter gift."
"wth is that?"
"just act there's such a thing, okay?" jongin couldn't say no for those beautiful dark brown eyes, he nodded. when they walked to the cashier, jongin intertwined their fingers. siska smiled in silence, letting herself to fall even more.
it was the 2nd day of winter when jongin told her, he got in as a trainee.
"I'M GETTING IN!!!!" he screamed happily while hugging her. siska couldn't be happier to see jongin finally got what he wanted.
"I WILL MOVE TO SEOUL!" jongin kept screaming but then he shut his mouth, realizing something.
siska didn't cry, she kept staring at him with a warm smile.
"good luck then?" siska said. jongin's stare got softer as he pulled her into a hug. siska hugged him, tight.
by that, jongin erased the gap between their lips. locked hers with his, it wasn't a lust and needy kiss, it was full of love.
jongin was falling for her too.
siska took her phone as she saw the first message
'i will have flight at 8am =.='
she smiled to see he didn't change at all.
it has been 3 years after all those memories. jongin already debuted as an idol.
things changed, same thing happened to people's feelings.
jongin's changed
but siska's didn't, she smiled as she remember the first and last kiss they've shared as she typed a reply
"good luck, friend :)"

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