Kaaak bikinin ff Jongin pake lagu HiVI! - Orang Ketiga dong kak. Have a nice day ya! :-)

as the request, sambil dengerin HiVi!-orang ke3 ya dan maaf ya kalo feelsnya gk gitu dapet ha ha ha
"hi Jongin!" you waved your hand at me, as you saw me. it was our first day in college.
"hi!" I smiled and ruffled your hair. I love it because it's so soft and it smells good. also the fact that we finally got into same college and same class, it was like a dream came true.
'I love you'
'where are you?'
'skipping class~'
'ey Jongin! don't be lazy!'
'yes miss, just for this one please.... :<'
'don't aegyo me! it doesn't work!' I smiled, ofcourse it worked, it always worked on you.
'I will be waiting at the park.'
'okay, don't leave me!' was the last text from you since this class is a bit important and yeah, it had killer lecturer so you couldn't keep playing with your phone.
I kept staring at your message, somehow, it magically made me smiled
'I love you'
"this is my boyfriend." you giggled shyly and showed me a photo of a guy, that I didn't even know who.
"your..... what?" I spaced out, I was trying to get another answer, a better one. but you hit me jokingly
"my boyfriend!!" you said happily, your face was so bright. it was the very first time I saw it, and it wasn't because of me.
"wow. congrats?" I said, and you hugged me. 'don't, don't do this.'
"thankyou Jongin!! you're the best!!!" I ruffled your hair, I hugged you back. hey, would everything change from now? would you walk away from me? would we ever be able to spend days together again?
my thoughts went away, it was the first time I finally realized how much I wanted you to be mine.
'I'm sorry.... but I love you.'
I spent days with kept thinking bout you, no matter how hard I tried to forget you, it came out I kept thinking bout every single thing bout you.
you had driven me crazy.
you ruled me.
I slapped my face, realizing I was so wrong for thinking bout you this much. you already got your boyfriend and mostly, you spent your time with him. I couldn't blame you, you even said sorry for being so ~busy~ nowadays. but..... should I put my hope? should I even pray everyday, wishing you break up with him soon? would it be okay? could I be the one who fix your heart later? should I just leave this feelings or should I keep it?
and when I was done asking myself, I could feel it. I was broken. more and more.
I took my phone, stared at your name. it would be hard but I should do this. it would change everything but I hope in a better way or it would hurt me but yeah, I'd prefer live with broken heart than hiding this shit.
'hi' was the only thing I could send to you. not so long, you gave me a reply
'hi~ it's a surprise you haven't fell asleep! :p' I smiled, yeah tell me how to sleep when everytime I closed my eyes, I saw you
'I'm sorry'
'I'm so sorry....'
'what for, Jongin? are you okay?'
'I'm sorry..'
and by that I threw my phone, I wasn't ready, I wouldn't ever be ready to lose you. so just let it be, like this, like it used to be.
"I love you."

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