kaaaak aku juga mau dong kak dibikinin shortfic sm chanyeol abis setiap aku baca shortfic kk langsung baper hehe kalo ada waktu dan ide aja kak hehe terimakasih banyak kak rissa♥

"some of things are made to be broken. my heart is one of it."
asti was staring straight to the outside room, blankly.
"you're awake?" a deep voice greeted her ear while giving her a backhug. asti turned her head to meet those beautiful eyes.
"sunlight woke me up." chanyeol smiled and sniffed onto her neck, kissed it then put his chin on asti's shoulder.
for every touch he gave, she cried in silence, painfully.
"don't forget your charger" asti kept reminding chanyeol and the other just gave her a nod.
"yes madam"
"when will you come home?"
"probably midnight or early morning" asti frowned as she sat in front of him.
"don't forget to eat..." she told chanyeol, in a very soft way. chanyeol nodded again and grinned.
"you too!!!"
chanyeol stood up and ruffled asti's hair. she enjoyed how chanyeol touched her. she loved it.
"when will they arrive?" chanyeol asked as he took his bag. asti's smile broke, she stared at chanyeol, blankly again.
"at 4pm or something... maybe" she was too lazy to give a reply. she didn't want to meet them. chanyeol realized it
"hey you said you miss them?" chanyeol's face was questioning it. asti chuckled
"yep i do haha now gogogo! you're almost late!!!" chanyeol took a glance and realized he was aaaalmoooost late.
"OH MY GOD!!!! OK I'M GOING! TAKE CARE AT HOME OK?" he ran out and waved his hand.
once again, asti broke apart.
4pm and those that asti used to miss so much already arrived at home. she smiled and hugged them. she missed them, so much... but there was a thing that made her didn't want them to come this soon.
'a lil bit longer.... why don't you go a lil bit longer....' asti said on her mind.
asti just let herself to enjoy the sofa, waiting for chanyeol. she stared blankly to these two, she sighed. in the end, she couldn't own chanyeol forever.
a knock on door made asti's mind back to reality. when she just ready to open the door, chanyeol was already there. hugging these two.
"MOM DAD, I MISS YOU!!!" he screamed with a bright smile and hugged them even tighter.
asti didn't move. her heart ache. chanyeol looked at her and screamed
"COME HEEEEREEEEEEE, it should be a family hug!!!" asti smiled then walked to them. they were hugging together, asti could feel the warmness
one hand ruffled her hair,
"I never wondered your young sister would take care of you this much." he said.
yes, asti's father.
also, chanyeol's father.
by that asti smiled in pain, realizing the truth again.
chanyeol is asti's step brother.
some of things are made to broken, asti's love is one of it.