baeksora part 2

it was one fine sunday when baekhyun /as usual/ came to sarah's house for movie marathon and some gossips.
baekhyun turned his head, found sarah /finally/ with serious face.
"what is it?"
"i want to ask you."
"do you, in any case, believe in friendship turn to be a relationship?" baekhyun got blank, he gave a confused face to sarah. she kept waiting.
"well... uh..."
"tell me."
"i believe there's some of friendship turn to be relationship...." baekhyun stopped for a while than gave a tease smile before he continued
"but it wouldn't ever happen for us HAHAHAHHAAHA you're not my type at all!" then he threw pillow to sarah.
"geez, don't you ever think i would love you. you're too girly!" sarah threw a pillow to him. but it felt so wrong, something got hurt inside her heart. 'geez' she thought, screwing herself.
"sar." baekhyun stopped the pillow war then stared straight to the tv.
"let's stay like this."
"like.....this? you mean you come over to my house, leave your snacks and spend your weekend with movie marathon?"
baekhyun giggled, he didn't look at sarah. he just couldn't.
"no, i mean, let's stay as friend. forever. i like to have a bestfriend like you, you understand me. i mean we share same hobbies!!! and YEAH YOU'RE QUEEN OF GOSSIPS!" baekhyun laughed, but sarah didn't follow him, she felt something went wrong. again.
"what do you think?"
"what do you think to stay like this?"
"uh...." sarah didn't know what to say, she thought she was dreaming when she heard all the sweet things came from baekhyun's lips. yes, she was dreaming. she believed it.
"let's stay like this. forever." sarah smiled and baekhyun turned his head, gave her a bright smile.
baekhyun is just too sassy to admit it, then sarah is just too cool to say it.
both fell to each other
both chose to keep holding for what they have
both decided to let it like it used to be
in the name of f r i e n d s h i p
both got hurt.

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