sehun rianty pt 1

"do you ever believe in love?" sehun asked while kept his glance at his coffee. rianty stared at him.
"what is it?"
"i'm asking."
"i don't know."
sehun nodded, there was a long silence between them. as usual. there was a thing that people didn't know bout them.
"hi sehun! did you see where's rianty?" one of their friend asked, rianty was nowhere to be found in class.
"probably, she's late." sehun replied calmly and kept writing down what the lecturer said.
"eyyy you didn't even think to answer, what's a sweet." his friend smiled teasingly, sehun didn't care.
there was a thing that people didn't know bout them.
"sehun's birthday is coming soon! have you decided what gift you would give?" rianty's bestfriend asked her, in a demanding way.
"he likes sport, maybe running shoes or something?" rianty answered. her friend smiled so bright and hit her arm
"ayyy! you grew up well heh? you really love him don't you?!"
rianty just smiled.
questioning what the actually fuck is love.
'they're perfect together'
'sehun you should ask her for a date!'
'hey rianty you're probably like this guy!'
'you both are blessed and meant to be!'
'see? you both are perfect and fit to each other damnit!'
people kept talking like that even since sehun just met rianty for the very first time. yes, rianty's heartbeat went crazy when she saw this man but what about sehun's? sehun only gave her a blank innocent stare but it was scary.
but people kept asking and more like forcing them to be together.
and here they were, trapped in a relationship where both didn't even wonder what is love and how long this thing could stay like this.
it was like a game, both tried hard to keep holding on, both tried to keep calm and play it cool because love's existence is just too abstract and impossible.
both, sehun and rianty didn't believe in love.