sehun rianty pt 2

"i wonder..." sehun started the convo when they met at the cafe, for lunch.
"what?" rianty didn't take a glance but she kept busying herself with her laptop.
"i wonder if you would say 'yes' for a break up soon." rianty stopped typing and gave sehun a 'what?'
sehun didn't complain nor reply her, "i think i love someone, rianty."
"oh. it's not the first time you said it." rianty had heard sehun said he's in love more like 5th time but they went back together as usual. she didn't mind it that much anymore.
"i want to be with her..... actually, i want to marry her asap."
"the fuck?"
"i know it's too sudden but i have something special with her like... since 2 months ago. sorry for hiding this from you." sehun's voice got calmer, rianty could feel the sorry. she nodded.
"it's fine, i mean if you finally believe in love's existence then it's good? you, finally, get a right girl." rianty said with a flat face, she didn't know what to say but all she got was a bright smile from sehun.
"we can be friend after this, right?!?!?"
"YEAY! thankyou so much! actually i have promised her for lunch. can i go now?" sehun asked excitedly whie putting all his books back to his bag.
rianty nodded, didn't even give him a goodbye because he already ran out of the cafe.
7 days after that 'broke up' went too normal.
people were talking bout how sehun jerking rianty. how he left a perfect girl for a very average girl. rianty heard it all, she didn't feel happy nor sad. there was always a thing that people didn't know bout them.
rianty looked how sehun didn't give any fuck to people, he proudly hugged her or kissed her forehead.
sehun was probably in love right now.
by then, she hold her own hands and closed her eyes. people told her that she could get a better man, she deserved a better one, rianty didn't show any emotion but she smiled and nodded. she didn't feel empty because she WAS ALREADY empty at the very first palce. she didn't feel lost because she WAS OWN nothing at the very first place. it was always to make people feel happy, to make people befriend with her and sehun, to make people keep talking bout them and treat them well.
her thoughts went far away when sehun and her started this shit, how sehun and her spent days for a flat convos but it turned out to be a fine days for her, also how sehun always gave her eye smiles without a single touch but it was magically gave her a warmness.
when rianty opened her eyes,
she found herself on the mirror
she cried, for the very first time
she realized,
she already believed in love's existence
and it was too late.