chanyeol zia part 1

"i have never believed in imaginary world, it's too abstract and weird. i have never believed in things called as dream. but the i saw the 'light'"
she was just an ordinary girl, with dark brown eyes and black hair. chanyeol met her for the very first time in the middle of summer.
"i'm zia" the girl greeted him a sunflower smile, the other grinned
"chanyeol, i'm chanyeol"
the sun lighted up her skin, it was so bright. chanyeol thought he just saw an angel. this was the first day they met.
"what do you want to have? is it vanilla or chocolate?" chanyeol asked zia, they were spending another day on the beach.
"maybe.... chocolate?" zia told him and gave him a sweet smile, chanyeol nodded.
he told the orders but the waiter stared at him, confused.
"yes two chocolate." chanyeol gestured a 'v' sign, not realizing the waiter stared at him.
it was a night with stars shone bright above them. the th time chanyeol spent his day with zia. chanyeol stared at zia, he hold her hand. sometimes, he would kiss it then smiled.
"what is it?" zia asked him with a giggled.
"you know, there's a thing bout you that made me like to stay and spend my days with you." chanyeol smiled, warmly.
"did you mean 'my summer' not 'my days'?"
"no, it's days. because i want to be with you...."
" you." by that chanyeol erased the distance between them, he pulled zia as he kissed her.
in the night fulled of stars, chanyeol got his own star.
"you seriously need a doctor." chanyeol's friend rubbed his back, chanyeol got confused "what do you mean i need a doctor?"
"chanyeol, wake up. summer ends in 3 days you should just get things straight again. enough from your imagination." his friend said it with almost a desperate voice and left him. chanyeol got more confused.