chanyeol zia part 2

last day of summer,
chanyeol tried to find zia as he walked on the beach. he kept looking for her like a crazy, it has been one week since zia disappeared. maybe, chanyeol was just to stupid to not ask her phone number nor her house, but zia never let him to ask it. zia kept avoiding those kind of questions.
chanyeol threw himself on the sand and closed his eyes "what the fuck is going on...." he asked desperately, madly, confusedly. his mind flew to the days when he met zia for the very first time, when people kept staring at him, when his friend scolded him for being over imaginative.
things went wrong.
"chanyeol?" a soft voice called his name, made him opened his eyes to meet one pair of sparkling eyes, it was zia.
"zia??? where have you been??? oh god i thought you left me!!!" chanyeol hold her hands, he let out a loud voice. zia smiled, but there was a pain in her eyes "zia, what's wrong?"
zia pulled her hands away from him then swept her own tears.
"chanyeol, wake up. please just wake up."
by that, chanyeol felt something hit his head. everything turned black.
it was 10 days after the last time he met her, his first love, his summer love. chanyeol woke up in his room with his friends cried out loud for him. chanyeol gave them a smile as he knew people worried bout him a lot.
chanyeol's mind got straight again.
"i want to go to beach." he said and ran out of his home, leaving everyone.
chanyeol arrived to an empty beach, no one was here. summer ended already. he threw his glance around the beach, he laughed in pain.
"ah... so this is it..." he talked to himself as he remembered what he once read from a book.
there was a time when someone just dreamed in their real life
there was a time when someone just got dragged into their imaginary world
there was a time when someone just got tired of reality and their mind led them to a runaway place
"i'm so stupid...." he cried and laughed at the same time. he just realized it all.
there was no night fulled of stars
there was no sparkling kiss
there was no laughing together while holding hands
there was no memories
there was no zia.
chanyeol was just trapped in his imaginary world, and
zia was one of his summer dream.
chanyeol let out a loud painful scream
"then why don't you just let me keep dreaming?"