kak ris mind to make a shortfic between me and jongin? hehe thankyouuuu kalo blm bisa gapapa hehe:)

i've decided to just write shorter fic since so many requests on my askbox ;;;
"they said, you can't touch love." jongin said, when the sun bathing both of you in the middle of summer. you both laying down in this grass field near your house.
"because it's feelings." you said as you closed your eyes, enjoying the wind tickled your face, jongin stared at you.
"you said you just talk bout rational things?" jongin teased you as you punched his arm.
"ya! i'm just giving you a rational answer tho."
there was a silence, but then jongin hold your hand; making you opened your eyes.
"what are you doing?"
but he didn't say anything, he kept holding your hand, put it on his chest and closed his eyes.
you kept staring at jongin, realizing he's one of God's best creature in this universe. his jawline, his lips, his soft hair, and not to mention but his perfect body that would make girls scream just to touch it. you just never realized, you were so lucky to befriend with him since childhood; having him as your neighbor and spending most of your days with him, went to a same school since elementary and even went to same college now.
there was some time when you felt jongin grew up and walked away, he's so popular even until now and you, just a common student, not a nerd but just a common one. sometimes you felt like you'd better stopped spending your days with him, his fans mostly tried to get your heart first before using you to get jongin and some of them would just blindly hate you for no reasons. there was time when you felt just give up and told jongin to stop following you or going out with you. but he rejected, he said he felt happy and all with you, he won't lose his source of happiness, never.
you kept thinking bout this and that, your mind flew away. you adored him, that much but things won't ever work out well when you start a relationship with him. it wasn't bout he would reject you, but feelings could change everytime. you wouldn't destroy what you already had with him. everything seemed beautiful and right.
when you got back to reality, you sighed. you pulled your hand away from him, making him opened his eyes.
"hey give it back to me!" he said, like a kid; as usual.
"it's my hand."
jongin snoozed and hold your hand again,
"i said give it back to me." then he put it on his chest again.
"what the hell are you doing? freak." you said it but you didn't pull your hand, just let it be. because honestly, you liked it.
jongin moved a lil bit, closer to you. he opened his eyes to meet your eyes, he smiled and hold your hand tighter.
"they said, you can't touch love.." he said, gave a gap before he continued,
"but i touched it, even hold it. right now."
then he erased the distance between you two. as the summer breeze tickled the two of you, that was how you first love started.

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