cindy chanyeol part 2

chanyeol walked to their room, knocked the door but got no answer from cindy. he finally decided to send her a text
not so long chanyeol got a text
chanyeol smiled, he could picture it so well'; how cindy pouted madly while typing the text
'have you prepare everything for tomorrow?'
'oh you remember?'
'cindy i'm sorry...'
'nvm, you have full packed schedule so yeah'
'don't be mad at me :('
'i'd better get some sleep now.'
chanyeol took a deep breath before he let a 'AIIIISHHH' out then opened the door. cindy was there, playing with her phone. Chanyeol smiled and sat beside her.
“I’m sorry?” chanyeol hold her hand and pulled her into a hug, a backhug.
“chanyeol, get off.”
“no. I miss you.”
Cindy sighed and put her phone, she stared at chanyeol.
“why are you so unsensitive, that made me so mad.”
“I know I know.”
“I’m not ready to leave this house though it’s just for one month, you just came home and I thought I could spend my holiday with you.”
Chanyeol cupped cindy’s face and kissed her forehead, he hugged her; tighter.
“it’s okay it’s okay, I would visit you. If you let me?”
Chanyeol grinned, he intertwined their fingers and kissed her hand.
“I know you miss my hug and kiss and touch, well I think I could visit you like 2 or 3 days if you let me? And ofcourse if your teammates let me.”
“chanyeol wth”
“hey, come on, count it as our early honeymoon?” chanyeol joked as his eyes sparkling and kept showing his teeth. Cindy smiled and punched his arm.
It didn’t take one minute until chanyeol pulled her closer, lowered his head and locked their lips. Cindy’s madness gone just by his touch and she hugged him, she missed him, and she knew she would miss him even more after this.
Chanyeol kissed her cheek before he pulled away, he ruffled her hair.
“don’t let anyone there touch you like the way I do, okay?”
Like a puppy, cindy just nodded making chanyeol smiled; warmly.
“take care there, cindy.” He whispered before kissed her again and again. Seems that cindy couldn’t sleep early today.

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