chanyeol nadya part 2

"do you understand this part?" chanyeol asked nadya, she came closer to chanyeol and tried to solve the formulas on chanyeol's book. chanyeol kept staring at her. nadya has that soft hair and warm eyes. it was less than 5seconds when chanyeol put his hand on her waist.
but nadya didn't complain at all.
she liked chanyeol, do remember it.
chanyeol got surprised as nadya just let him to pulled her closer until her shoulder touched his chest. nadya has that vanilla scent, chanyeol liked vanilla.
it was less than seconds before chanyeol already put his head on nadya's shoulder.
blame the situation.
blame nadya's love because she just let it be.
"is it.... okay?" chanyeol asked her, nadya didn't look at him but she nodded. chanyeol smiled.
he backhugged nadya and kissed her back.
nadya didn't do anything, she just let chanyeol kept kissing her back and hugged her tight; so tight.
"do you like me?" chanyeol calmly asked while kept backhugging nadya. nadya just kept quiet but then chanyeol made her faced him.
"nadya, do you like me? so you let me do this to you?" chanyeol asked once again, nadya didn't brave enough to stare at those sparkling eyes in front of her.
"yes." nadya replied in a very soft voice, but chanyeol could clearly hear it. chanyeol pulled his hands away from her.
"chanyeol! but really! i'm not doing this to make you mine! i mean i-"
"no, we can't do this. if i keep doing this i will give you a hope, a hope will hurt you." chanyeol said calmly as he took his book and started to solve the chemistry problems alone.
nadya stared at him....
"but why?"
"why what?"
"why? i'm fine with this? i have liked you for 2 years! why didn't you let me to have a hope on you?" nadya asked, almost screamed out loud. chanyeol sighed.
"i'm a bad guy, people already talked bout it, right?"
"but i know you are not?"
"chanyeol just let's give it a try? or.... is it because you have your own crush?" chanyeol stopped writing and looked at nadya. her face turned dark and she almost cried.
"no, i don't have a crush." chanyeol stopped and took a deep breath, "but i have no interest to have a relationship. i won't hurt you, touching you like before just give you a hope. i won't do that, i'm sorry....." and by that nadya's sunday turned dark. they finished the project and didn't talk much.
nadya didn't complained.
she just let it be.
because again, she liked chanyeol.
but nadya was breaking apart.
that was the very first time, she cried for a boy.
after all, nadya is just a girl who fell in love and chanyeol is just that typical bad boy who had no intention for a relationship,
but we're living the cliches.

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