rani sehun part 1

summer, day 2.
sehun walked alone to get a cup of bubble tea just like he used to. jongin and chanyeol couldn't join him because both have their own date.
"tsk, traitors" sehun talked to himself as he remembered how these two refused to accompany him.
he stopped when he finally found his favorite place and ordered 2 chocolate bubble tea. his favorite flavor.
sehun drank his bubble tea and took a seat at the park, enjoying the view of kids ran there and there also some couple but then he facepalmed. he kept looking to everyside until his eyes locked at a girl who just calmly read a book. sehun walked towards her.
"are you alone?" was the only thing sehun could say, the girl looked at him. confused and..... scared? because sehun was like a creepy but the other point is a handsome creepy.
"uhm.. yeah?" she said as she moved a bit, gestured sehun to sit and he did.
"i have never seen you here, are you new comers? or?"
"i'm here for holiday." the girl calmly answered as she kept reading the book. sehun nodded, there was a cliché thing that he got since the first time he saw her.
"sehun." he gave his hand, the girl closed her book and stared at him.
"rani. call me rani." while giving her hand for a handshake.
sehun smiled, "glad to know you, rani."
summer, day 12
sehun got along well with rani, they kept meeting at the park. sometimes went to movies or lunch. they were getting closer and closer.
rani found out sehun as a manly man but he would act cute sometimes, she adored him.
sehun found out rani as a mature girl, she lived alone and sehun liked her, yeah even since the first time they met.
as in today, they spent another day at the park.
"you know, i love to see kids here." rani said with a smile, she loved kids. sehun turned his head
"we should make one then."
"EYYY!" rani punched sehun's arm, making him laughed.
he hold her hands and smiled.
"hey i haven't show you my favorite place, right?"
"uhmmm is it movies or? any other one?"
sehun nodded as he stood up and intertwined their hands.
"let's go!" rani just let herself being dragged by him.
they arrived. rani was a bit lost when she saw a small booth, bubble tea booth.
"is it....."
"my favorite place. take a seat, i'll be back after order 2 cups of bubble tea." rani obeyed it and she took a seat, staring at sehun's back who walked to the booth.