rani sehun part 2

less than 10 minutes he was back with 2 big cups of bubble tea.
"chocolate for you and taro for me."
"i didn't say i like chocolate?"
"you didn't say you don't like it tho?" and they both laughed. sehun told her that this small booth have best bubble tea since he was on high school. his favorite flavor is chocolate and taro, he couldn't stop complimenting the bubble tea that made rani smiled.
"we would visit this booth often!!! two days per week!" sehun said happily showing his eye smile but rani just stared at him.
her mind made a comeback to a reality, "i should go back to my country tomorrow."
sehun stopped talking and his smile was fading away.
"i told you i'm here for holiday. i should back tomorrow. i want to tell you later..."
"oh... it's good. i mean you can finally meet your family again? and friends? oh and yeah-"
"sehun, i'm sorry."
sehun stopped sipping his bubble tea. he shook his head "it's fine. no need to say sorry."
but their day turned a bit dark, they didn't talk much. both were getting hurt, unknownly.
summer, day 13
rani didn't get any text as she just arrived at the airport. she didn't blame sehun because she knew sehun must be a bit disappointed? or she was just thinking a bit much?
she sighed and stood up, she walked until a hand grabbed her making she turned her head
that guy was there, fulls of sweats, out of his breath, his shoulders went up and down as he tried to breathe.
"sehun, calm down. are you ok?" rani took out a tissue and gave it to him. sehun nodded.
"i woke up late... i thought i missed your flight."
"they delayed it as usual."
"yeah and thank God. i'm sorry for being too childish since yesterday."
"nope it's fine. i understand."
sehun shook his head,
"no, i mean i'm sorry because i want you to stay here with me...."
"you.... what?"
sehun smiled and gave her one big paper bag.
"but i can't. i can't do this now."
"sehun what is it?"
"if... if one day i visit your country or you visit Korea again. please tell me. until that day come, i'll work hard so i would be a right man for you."
"sehun what are you talking about?" rani was reallyyyy confused to hear all these complicated things sehun told her. sehun didn't give an answer but he pulled rani into a hug, a very warm hug.
rani opened the paper bag on the plane, she found out one scarf and some printed selcas that they took together in the past 11 days. her eyes locked at a cup of chocolate bubble tea inside the paper bag, she smiled. when she tried to pull out the cup, there was a small paper fell. she took it,
'chocolate could make people feel happy, so i gave it to you. thankyou for letting me knew you and spent my days with you. have a safe flight and take care of yourself! don't forget to tell me once you reach home, ok?
also.... let's meet again. not as a long lost bestfriend, but as a man and a woman. i will work hard until the day comes.
sincerely, your soon to be favorite man
oh sehun.