jongin widya 1

jongin threw his phone and shrugged his hair, he sighed.
"why did i do this to you?! damnit!" he screwed himself. he just messed up his relationship with widya and he realized it.
widya, at the other place; her house; was keep staring at her phone, waiting for explanation for she got nothing. not yet.
she just saw how jongin put his hand on that girl's waist, kissed her cheek and yes jongin smiled happily.
jongin was cheating.
"this relationship would never work well" jongin said in the mid of exams week, making widya stopped reading the holy-math-book and turned her head to him.
their eyes met, widya saw it. the way jongin stared at her wasn't the same anymore.
"we're on exams week. can we just put this thing aside and study well?" widya tried to calm herself though she really wanted to slap him right now. but jongin didn't listen, he grabbed her book and threw it.
"listen, this shit is important." jongin pointed at her.
"jongin, stop it. and this is not a shit, this is our relationship." widya sighed and took her book, she put it back to her back and left jongin.
jongin tried to end this.
jongin tried everything to make widya said 'yes' to end their relationship, but widya didn't let it happen. she kept running away from jongin, kept avoiding him, until that day. the day when widya finally decided to talk bout it but all she got was...
jongin with another girl; their senior in college. widya once or twice heard a rumor bout them but she didn't give any fuck, well but jongin did give a fuck for her.
widya's heart broke apart then she just left with sending a message to jongin
'i want to break up.'
3 days passed, jongin skipped class and didn't show himself at college. widya didn't care, at least she tried.
"where's your boyfriend?" one voice caught her attention, the senior was there; standing in front of her. her perfume hurt widya's nose.
"who's my boyfriend?" widya replied and put her bag on her shoulder. the senior snoozed
"jongin. where's he?"
"oh, he didn't ask you to be his NEW GIRLFRIEND?" widya asked with a sarcastic smile, the senior frowned
"what did you mean?"
"we broke up. go get your lil puppy."
then she left the senior alone, widya just didn't deal any shit. no, no more.

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