widya jongin part 2

'can we meet?' on message from jongin appeared when widya checked her phone. she didn't want to reply it but oh well, she should. she wanted to fix at least her own heart.
'sure, where?'
'look at the outside. i'm here already.'
widya smiled, as she remembered jongin always came to her house without telling her first. always. oh no, it wasn't always anymore. widya opened the door and found that guy standing in front of her.
"come in?"
"yep, thankyou."
they both sat in the living room, jongin took a deep breath as he started the convos.
"widya, did you see me with that senior few days ago?" jongin asked, straight to the point and widya already prepared everything, she just nodded.
"i'm sorry, it's just-"
"it's fine, i know this 'shit' didn't work well so you chose to end this 'shit' and yeah, you did it well. maybe, just maybe, i was the one who fell in love that much and that deep in this 'shit'. i know, i understand." widya said with one breath, jongin's mind went blank.
"it's okay.... i know you got bored with a nerd like me. it's okay......" widya kept replaying it, as her hands trembled and her eyes got watery. she bit her lower lip, holding back her tears.
but jongin knew.
"it's okay, i understand even since we started this 'shit' i knew, you would be the one who left me. it's ok-"
"WIDYA STOP!" jongin screamed, making widya got shocked and stopped talking. jongin sighed, took a closer seat to her.
"this is not a 'shit' it's our relationship...."
"you were the one who said it."
"i'm sorry... i didn't mean to.... just yes i got bored because you were too busy with exams & all then that senior came to me, but i didn't love her.... never." jongin said as he hold widya's hand. but it was too cliche for her.
"i didn't trust you anymore."
"it's fine... i will make you trust me again."
"i would never trust you again."
"it's fine as long as i keep your second chance and you love me."
"i don't lo-" widya couldn't make it finish as jongin pulled her into a hug,
"it's fine widya, it's fine. as long as you let me to love you and stay by yourside, as long as you give a second chance for 'us'" jongin whispered and looked at one pair teary eyes in front of him.
he cursed himself for making widya cried. he knew she might cry even more back then.
"i'm sorry.... i'm sorry for cheating behind you, for calling our relationship as a shit, for being a jerk. i'm sorry."
widya listened to him, she didn't want to believe even a word from jongin, everything sounded like a lie but jongin always had that magic, the magic that always worked when she gone mad.
"would you promise me? you would never hurt me again? though you will break it later?"
jongin smiled, "i didn't want to promise you a thing, let's just do it again. start it all over again. i'd prefer to be like that?"
that was it, jongin always had that magic.
widya didn't reply but she hugged jongin.
there was a second chance for them.

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