lila jongin part 2

jongin woke up to see lila slept on the bed side, he tapped her hair and smiled. lila moved a little and opened her eyes.
"jongin? oh my God! finally! i should-"
"stay." jongin said and lila nodded.
"what's wrong jongin? you should know your own condition? but why?"
"i don't want to destroy class project?" he said calmly, lila glared at him.
"whatever, i'm calling the doctor."
"hey hey wait." jongin reached lila's hand, didn't let her to leave him.
"they should know you are already awake after being sleeping beauty for 2 days."
"sleeping handsome."
"whatever." lila just glared at him once more, making jongin smiled to get such a reaction.
"you surely care bout me THAT much, eh?" he teased her while poking her chin.
"JONGIN!" lila pushed away his hand, making him laughed loud. jongin hold her hands and put it both on his cheeks.
"what are you doing?"
"i like it, i like everytime you cupped my face like this."
"you are the one who put it there, not me."
"lila........" jongin showed his aegyo, making lila made that 'ew' face. but deep down, lila liked it. lila liked to see how jongin acted like a kindergarten kid. jongin saw it, he realized it.
"are you staying here? with me? for 2 days?" jongin asked and lila nodded.
"that's what friends are for." she said casually, but jongin didn't feel that way.
"enough. i don't want to befriend with you anymore." jongin said as he sighed and put away lila's hands. she frowned and a bit sad but she didn't show it up.
"why don't you scream at me? i just say i don't want to befriend with you?" jongin asked because he didn't get any reply from lila, but lila just took it easy.
"you've said it like dozen times but ended up you came back to me and blah."
"it's different. i'm serious now."
lila turned her head to see jongin's eyes. he didn't lie, he was seriously serious.
"did i do something wrong? or did i hurt you with my words?"
jongin shook his head.
"it's even worse."
"you stole what is used to be mine."
lila's mind puzzled out to understand jongin's sentence, the guy just laughed and pulled her closer to him, making her half standing from the chair.
"you stole my heart." he whispered, softly before kissing her ear. lila's eyes got wider and she hit jongin
"YA!" she screamed that made jongin laughed happily. her face turned red and she kept hitting jongin.
jongin grabbed her hands
"why are you doing this?! not funny!" lila said desperately but jongin just ruffled her hair.
"i'm serious. deadly serious."
"what serious, fu ck er"
"it's not 'that's what friends are for' anymore. it's 'that's what girlfriend is for'" jongin said and put lila's hands on his waist. lila didn't do anything, she just freezing to process what just happened. jongin chuckled and hugged her.
he whispered before stole a peek on her lips. then one punch landed on his arm.
"PERVERT!" lila screamed again but now, she hugged him back. letting jongin to kiss her head.
"your one & only pervert, miss." he said happily

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