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rianty finally believed in love's existence but it was too late
it has been one year since the last time rianty saw sehun, they've graduated and lived their own life. though sehun said they were still friend but in the end, sehun never ever talked to her again.
rianty, as usual went to convenience to buy some food also this and that for one month. she walked through instant food area when suddenly a hand touched her shoulder.
she turned her head to find that tall guy, in front of her. he grew taller but not getting fatter at all. he gave an eye smile to her.
they ended up at sehun's favorite coffee shop just to kill some time. there was no convos because rianty, herself, found it was awkward to sit next to her-so-called-ex.
"so... how's life?" sehun asked while sipping his coffee.
"fine, and you?"
sehun giggled as he heard rianty's answer.
"you haven't changed at all."
"you only talk straight to the point. so rianty~" he said while giving her another eye smile.
rianty's heart ached.
"you still remember it?" that question slipped out and rianty regretted it as soon as she said it.
"why should i forget?" he replied.
no more convos.
everything was too awkward.
rianty cursed herself for being trapped with sehun.
"sehun i think i should go now." she said as she stoop up but sehun didn't let her that easy.
"wait. I'm with you" he said while following rianty.
again, there was no convos nor lil chitchat but sehun helped rianty with bringing some of her stuffs.
"how's your love life?" sehun asked, straight to the point.
rianty's mind went blank
"how's your love life? is there new boyfriend?" but then sehun stopped talking, "ah.. sorry i asked such a weird thing"
"I'm single. i got no boyfriend after broke up with you" rianty answered calmly.
sehun stopped walking making him left some steps behind, rianty realized it and turned her head.
"sehun what's wro-"
"do you... in case... believe in love's existence?" he asked carefully, rianty stared at him.
"i do." she said while giving him a smile, sehun's face got brighter and he walked towards to rianty.
"so... do you believe in second chance?" he asked again, rianty didn't give an answer.
but that was just how rianty spoke her mind and sehun knew it.
sehun reached her hand and intertwined their fingers, he smiled as he said
"because i do believe in second chance"