khilda sehun part 1

because sehun and khilda always have that kind of love.
sehun saw how khilda got a shorter haircut and put some (actually) more makeup on her face. this was the first time he met her after they decided to stop.
"you look........... different." sehun said, he didn't find another word to say it, khilda chuckled.
"since when you give any attention to my look?" khilda said and took a bite of her sandwich. sehun just smiled, he didn't even complain because he never ever cared enough to khilda; all he cared bout is khilda's lips, khilda's touch and all.
sehun spent his night by reading all the old convos between him and khilda, he smiled in pain as he remembered how those old days went. but in seconds, he just threw his phone, growled desperately "i don't need you, i'm oh sehun. i can date whoever i want."
and khilda, at her house, kept texting with someone; probably a random good looking guy that she met through her friends. she kept scrolling until her eyes met 'sehun' name on her phone "don't make me look back.." she talked to herself, crying in silence because everything was too typical, both desperately in love but both chose to deny.
"i miss you." sehun said, on another day when they met. there was less than seconds when their lips met and tasted each other, it was full of lust, needed, and madness.
sehun pulled her closer and hugged her tight, khilda put her hands on sehun's neck. sehun was the one who broke the kiss,
"i'm sorry i won't cheat behind you. i was too drunk." he said while holding her hand.
"it's okay, i understand." khilda said and let sehun kissed her, ate her up like there's no tomorrow; as always.
sehun would always say a sorry after he spent one night stand with a girl and came back to khilda, because khilda was his favorite toy; she's still be. khilda knew it.
and that was how they kept going on. because everything was too typical.
sehun woke up to one message from his friend,
'khilda is getting married.'
he didn't even get surprised, khilda already told him like 2 or 3 months ago, her parents already chose a man for her.
'what's new?' sehun replied and threw away his phone, his mind flew away to those old days, those sparkling eyes and bright smiles that khilda always gave to him.
"you sure gonna love your so-perfect-and-diligent guy, right?" he talked to himself as he remembered how khilda told him bout her fiance.