khilda sehun part 2

it was d-day, sehun saw how khilda beautifully dressed in that white wedding dress and how she kept smiling, his heart ached. he walked towards her
"hi. congrats?"
khilda turned her head, it was so awkward
"oh. hi....sehun? and thankyou?"
there was a silence until khilda realized her husband's face was questioning bout sehun.
"ah! you haven't met him right? he's oh sehun. my friend." khilda smiled warmly as she introduced sehun to her husband. sehun smiled in pain.
sehun found he was crying in silence when he walked home, something felt so wrong yet so damn right.
"i don't love you." he talked to himself.
"well, i love you but i would stop loving you."
"do you ever fall for me?"
"why should i fall in love with you?"
"it's not like we have ever thought bout getting married, not even have a relationship."
"fuck this, i don't need you."
sehun took his phone and stared at khilda's number
"i don't need your number anymore, you don't need me anymore." but then he sighed and put it back to his pocket.
"screw you, oh sehun, screw you." he laughed painfully as he just realized he was in love with khilda.
but life was too cruel, because somewhere else khilda did feel the same thing but nothing would ever change it, "i will love my husband, i don't need you." khilda talked to herself as she deleted sehun's number.
6 months passed and khilda already moved oversea with her husband. sehun knew it from his friend.
sehun, secretly, kept searching any information bout khilda. he, sometimes, would just cry and laugh at the same time, seeing how happy khilda with her husband. sehun, in another way, still going out with different girls; yes he could choose whoever he wanted but nothing felt right.
"we have never ever thought about getting a relationship together, haven't we?"
"we always have this kind of love, don't we?"
"you're just one of my old toy, useless. i have many new toys. i don't need you."
"then why do i keep missing you and searching for you?"
sehun talked to himself over and over again, regretting everything as he missed khilda; everything bout her made him crazy and he just realized, all these shits between them happened because he was too afraid to admit it, hiding behind 'yes we don't have to be in a relationship. let's just do it for fun' but the fact was, sehun wanted to keep her, forever.
sehun slapped himself, cursing himself for being too weak for a girl.
"i don't need you... because we can't ever be. this is how we always were." he said as he took his phone and clicked 'delete' button to khilda's number.
"goodbye, khilda."