part 2 tao

nothing went smooth after that, tao received some emails with some rules in it. tao smacked his own desktop when he read one of the rule. he sighed and couldn't sleep. he searched for your name and called you
"uh tao? what is it? it's 2am anw."
"am i bothering you? i just want to- can i meet you tomorrow?" his voice sounded trembling, but you didn't realize it because geez, you were half sleeping.
"yes ofc, just text me okay?"
"okay. good night baby."
"good night too."
the he ended the phone call, you fell asleep again while him? stayed awake, wondering how would he say it to you.
"there are some rules." tao said as he gave you some printed papers, you took it and started to read it.
"there's a lot tho." you chuckled as you read one by one of it, tao didn't give you a reply.
you were too busy to read one by one until your eyes locked in one rule, you turned your head to face tao.
"i don't know how to say it to you...." tao said it with a sad face, you could see he was bout to cry. you hold his hands, tried to not cry because you wouldn't make him stop, you couldn't.
"it's okay tao. just go for it." you patted his head and smiled to him, he hugged you.
"are you okay? do you really let me to?" he kept showering you with questions, you just nodded, too much pain to say a 'yes'.
the company didn't let their trainees to have relationship.
tao wore his cap and hugged his parents, this was the day he went to korea. tao walked towards you, hold your hands.
"are you really okay with this? i mean i could just refuse this if y-"
"tao," you said, took a deep breath and smiled "it's your dream, remember?"
he nodded,
"then i'm okay, you're reaching your dream. this is life. because the thing is.... life talks bout choosing one over another. staying with one to leave the other one." you said as you hold your tears.
tao pulled you into a hug, you couldn't help it as you started to cry.
"i love you." he whispered, you nodded. pulled yourself to see his face and smiled,
"i love you more. good luck."
and by then he left.
it has been years ago since you let him go and now, you see him through your tv. you smile everytime you see him, there's still the big hole in your heart, there's still the painful memories. but seeing how your dearest one reached his dream and live happily, you push away all the sadness.
"please, always live happily tao, always." you say as you wipe your tears.
"i love you."

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