hana jongdae 2

5 days ago
hana kept telling jongdae she wanted to meet him, she missed him so much and it was suck to face the fact how jongdae kept avoiding her, this relationship was fine and beautiful but how could jongdae turned the table and messed up all of this treasures? hana sighed, she angrily called jongdae through phone call and jongdae picked up with a weak voice, but hana didn't notice it
"I THOUGHT YOU LOVE ME!!!" hana screamed out loud when she knew jongdae was on the phone, she cried, again.
"i just want to meet you and fix all these shits because i know there's something wrong in this relationship. you keep avoiding me, jongdae... why?" she couldn't held her tears, jongdae could picture it well how hana cried in front of him. he felt like a jerk that day.
"hana, listen." jongdae took a breath, "i want to break up with you."
hana's vision turned dark as her mind went blank.
they fought, ah more like she kept shouting madly but jongdae kept replying calmly as he told her it was the best for them because he couldn't ever manage to meet her anymore. she should find someone else who could accompany her and cuddle her and stuffs.
"then why did you ask me to be your girlfriend?" hana was tired of shouting, she gave up and ended up with that question,
"because i love you, and as a human i have this ego to own you." jongdae's voice cracked, "i would sound weird but.... i'll be there, maybe in the mid of the crowd or just passing by with the wind. but i can't be with you. i can't." he was hurt but hana didn't even pay attention to it because everything sounded like trash.
hana hung up and never, ever tried to contact jongdae anymore. but she didn't say yes for the break up. she took it as hanging their relationship to let both of them refreshed their mind.
she was too in love, love made you blind.

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