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3 days ago
25 missed calls and 40 messages on her phone, hana woke up with dark circles on her eyes as she sleepless for the past 4 days. she took her phone and blinked to process what was going on.
"fuck you, jongdae." she said before rushing to her closet, changed her pajama to some proper outfit and left her apartment.
when hana arrived, her legs lost its balance as she fell and made people stared at her with a pity.
jongdae was gone.
"jongdae is sick."
"he hid it from you, this whole time."
"he tried to not fall for you and hold himself to not ask you to be his but heart didn't work as its owner wanted to."
"he was desperately in love with you that made him felt so guilty to make you his. that's why he kept avoiding you, he thought you would just leave and find someone else. but you waited, it made him even more desperate."
his friends kept telling everysinglething that broke hana's heart even more. she couldn't take it anymore as she left the funeral and went home. no one asked her to stay because everyone knew she needed time.
hana spent her days with tears and calling out for jongdae in the mid of her sleep, she chose to stay awake because she kept getting dreams bout jongdae and her. it killed her.
she kept sending lot of messages to jongdae "where are you?" "stop avoiding me." "our anniversary is so close jongdae" "i miss you" "i love you" and all. but she got no reply, never. once or twice, she would call his number but no one picked it up. she would end up cry messily and threw up everything beside her. she was too in love... desperately in love.
until hana finally made up as she threw her mind back to every memory of her with jongdae. the memory stopped when they had the last phone call
"i would sound weird but.... i'll be there, maybe in the mid of the crowd or just passing by with the wind. but i can't be with you. i can't."
hana hold her breath heavily.
jongdae already told her, he would always by her side. always.
she took her phone as she called jongdae, for the last time. she took a deep breath, made sure her voice wouldn't sound trembling though no one would ever hear it on the phone call,
"this is the end, i break up and done with you."
that was it.
hana couldn't even believe what did she just say to jongdae on the phone, it was just 2 months relationship but hana felt things would never work well so she decided to stop putting her hopes on jongdae.
because jongdae was already gone.
'you can't date your friend, it would end up awkward.'
hana still remembered it really well, how her friend told her many times, she bit her lips, maybe just maybe if she never ever accept jongdae then things would be better....
but she was just too in love to think straight.
jongdae was already gone.
she ended up crying all over again.

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