"God just let me to love you in this term & condition."
it has been one year and baekhyun couldn’t forget the day he confessed to “sleeping” sarah. it has been one year and baekhyun still loved her, he even fell harder. but baekhyun kept everything in silence, quietly adore and love his friend, bestfriend. he believed nothing would ever change it, but we don’t call it live if it didn’t suck you off,
“i think i like someone.” sarah said in the mid of their common ritual-movie marathon. baekhyun turned his head, blankly
“that new guy, i’ve told you more than 3 times already, baek.”
“that girly man?”
“heeey!” sarah punched baekhyun’s arm, making him made such a face.
“you hurt me!” baekhyun yelled, jokingly. but sarah glared at him,
“you hurt my heart!”
baekhyun didn’t reply, he just turned his head back to the movie. he hid it but his face spoke it loud, he was hurt to hear and see how sarah told him bout that luhan guy almost everytime. baekhyun bit his bottom lip, took a glance to sarah and found her, smiling to her phone.
“you’re freak.” baekhyun said as he tried to not ask what was she doing with her phone because everything was clear enough.
“you’re just jealous because you have no crush.”
“what are you talking about?”
by then baekhyun just realized he hurt himself when sarah shoved her phone onto his face, he saw it. luhan name was on the screen, they were texting. baekhyun sighed silently but he tried to look fine.
It started with sarah refused to spend one Saturday with him, then she refused to accompany him on the next day, by then sarah mostly refused everytime baekhyun asked her. Baekhyun didn’t blame her nor mad, he knew the reason because sarah just told everything to him,
“luhan asked me to go to ….”
“luhan did …..”
“luhan just ….”
Luhan this, luhan that. Everything in sarah’s world spoke luhan and luhan only. Baekhyun still forced himself to smile and tease her, he should be happy, he must be happy. That’s what friends are for, right?
But all the fake smiles gone when sarah suddenly came to his house, hugged him tight, baekhyun was almost jumping to heaven but he felt something went wrong
“sarah what’s it?”
“luhan and me, we both are officially in a relationship.”
Baekhyun’s world turned empty.

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