riri chanyeol

"distance isn't a matter, but how do you keep this commitment is all the matter."
"i didn't make it."
chanyeol turned his head, found his girlfriend with tears. he pulled riri closer to him and put her hands on his waist, he cupped riri's face so he could see the girl clearly
"hey, calm down. tell me. what's wrong?"
"the test, i didn't make it. i couldn't get into the same college as you."
riri started to cry even harder, chanyeol hugged her and rubbed her back; trying to comfort her. chanyeol and riri started this relationship since 2 years ago, chanyeol who's a year older than riri graduated first from senior high school and went to one of top colleges, meanwhile riri just graduated a month ago and she wanted to get into the same college as her girlfriend; especially when her brother a.k.a sehun told her that chanyeol got so many fans in college.
riri knew how kind chanyeol to everyone, like everyone. he would do everything he could do if someone needs his help. but riri could smell something (tbh, lot of things) fishy from some girls around him even since she met him for the very first time. she was insecure to death that chanyeol would find someone better than her, that was why she tried so hard to get into the same college as chanyeol.
"i wouldn't go to any other college if i couldn't get into the same college as you and chanyeol." riri said on family dinner, sehun choked.
"what did you say? mom, look! this candy girl is being too much!"
their mom just chuckled and rubbed riri's back, she was smiling warmly, "riri, you shouldn't be like that, it's bout your future okay?"
"but chanyeol!!!"
"riri kid, calm down. i'll make sure chanyeol would never ever cheat on you." sehun said as he took more food into his mouth while the younger one just pouted because she couldn't argue anymore.

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