riri chanyeol

it was during their date (tbh, it was just riri went to chanyeol's house) when chanyeol's face looked so serious and he was being so careful with his words that day. riri could see it but she refused to ask chanyeol because she knew if chanyeol wanted to talk he would just talk.
"riri." chanyeol called her name, making her mind made it found a way back to reality. riri mumbled as an answer,
"sehun told me you didn't want to go any college except the same college as me and him?"
"as you, idc with him."
chanyeol chuckled, he ruffled riri's hair and showed off his teeth. riri couldn't help herself to not laugh, it always felt good to see and hear chanyeol's laugh.
"don't be like that, baby." chanyeol said as he guided riri to sit on his lap, riri just let it be and sat on his lap, staring at him.
"why? i want to be with you." she titled her head with confused face because it felt like chanyeol didn't want her to see him everyday?
"i want to be with you too... but it's about your future, remember? you should go to another college, the one that you like too!"
"but it means.... i'll stay far away from you."
"i'll meet you every weekend."
"but i couldn't-"
"riri, you're worried bout us right?" chanyeol asked with a very soft voice as he intertwined their fingers and kissed her hand. riri nodded as a reply.
"don't be like that." chanyeol said, he pulled her closer as their bodies pressed to each other.
"but there's a lot of beautiful girls around you and i'll stay far away from you. it would need at least 4 hours for you to meet me.... you'll get tired."
chanyeol could understand how worry riri was, he had that insecurity once he left senior high school too. but he had learnt one important thing. he lowered his head to face riri,
"distance isn't a matter, but how do you keep this commitment is all the matter." chanyeol said it softly but straight to the point. riri stared at him.
"i believe you, that's why once i graduated from school, i'm brave enough to choose this college though it's a bit far away from our houses. luckily your brother went to a same college as me. but trust me, i once really worried bout us."
"i believe you too." riri said, it wasn't like she didn't trust chanyeol but she was just too insecure bout so many beautiful girls around him. chanyeol chuckled and kissed her cheek,
"you're so in love with me, don't you?" chanyeol said as he winked to riri, teasingly.
"hey!" riri punched chanyeol's arm, the other one just hold her hand tighter.
"it's about your future, okay? don't let this relationship bother you. you have life goals and you have to reach it, riri. we could meet during weekend, there's skype for reasons."
riri nodded and pulled away her hands from chanyeol, she cupped chanyeol's face and smiled
"i love you."
chanyeol smiled and closed the gap between them,
"i love you too." as he kissed her lips and put his hands on her waist.

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