dina jongin

stupidly, she wasn't brave enough to send a message to jongin because she planned to surprise him once she meet him.
but things won't ever stay as it used to forever.
dina's eyes locked to that tall figure with well-built body in front of her, he grew up to be a handsome man. she stepped closer but she stopped once she saw it,
jongin hugged a girl, put his hand on her waist and kissed her cheek.
dina's smile faded away but she didn't come here for nothing, she walked towards jongin and touched his back, making him turned his head.
jongin excused himself and hold dina's hand, brought her to leave that place. they arrived at one coffee shop, the best place that jongin found because he was too shocked to see dina.
"sorry." dina said, broke the long silence between them. jongin stared at her,
"no need to say sorry. i'm just a bit shocked to see you... here."
"you have never came back."
"i'm busy with college, i can't go back now."
dina nodded, jongin put more sugar blocks into his coffee. they didn't talk much, it was too awkward and weird. dina threw her glance to see jongin's right wrist,
there was nothing there.
jongin removed their matching tattoos.
dina smiled, but her heart ached.
"jongin." dina called his name, making the other one mumbled,
"who's that girl?"
"that girl?"
"the girl that you kissed?"
"oh, my girlfriend."
dina's mind went empty.
and you should have told him, what he meant to you.
dina stared to the night sky as she drank more liquor and ate more nachos. her mind flew away, she closed her eyes and let the tears ran down her face.
"i love you." she said, talking to the wind.
"i love you, jongin."
"i love you so much, jongin."
she repeated it again and again as she remembered every piece of their memories. she opened her eyes to find an empty sky with one bright moon on it, realizing nothing could ever replace the moon to light up humans' night, same thing goes to her. no one could ever replace jongin to light up her days.
dina's mind flew to every broken promise they've made, how naive she was, how stupid she was for hiding the unspoken feelings.
she took her phone and called jongin's number,
"hello?" a heavy voice greeted her.
"dina? what's wrong? your voice sounds-"
"do you believe in another life existence?"
"what are you talking about?"
"in another life, i'll be your girl."
"dina? what's wro-"
"i'd keep all our promises, be us against the world. in another life."
"dina what happened?"
"you meant a world to me, jongin." she took a deep breath, "but i was too naive to admit that i should pay the price now."
"i love you jongin, i love you so much that it hurts."
and by that, dina ended the phone call, closed her eyes once again; letting herself to cry out loud for the last time.
because it had happened,
all the promises had been broken
all the laughs had been forgotten
all the plans had been betrayed
all she could do was only staring his back, the one that got away, jongin.

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