dina jongin

"i'd keep all our promises, be us against the world. in another life."
"hey!" a hand touched dina's head as she looked up and found that guy standing in front of him, jongin.
"hey jongin! it has been a long time!" dina replied with a bright smile as she finally saw jongin again.
jongin just came back to this city because of summer holiday, jongin left with his dad to another city because of his parents divorced. but he would always comeback during holiday and dina always waited to meet him, just like that day. jongin texted her to meet him at the park for a date. yes, both of them fell to each other since junior high school, but not even once, they talked bout having a relationship. jongin was just too afraid while dina, she was just too naive and that was how they kept going like that.
"let's go, i have prepared everything for us." jongin said as he hold dina's hand and intertwined their fingers. dina just nodded and walked beside him, letting the boy led him to a place because it always felt safe as long as with jongin.
that was it, dina got amazed once she saw a tree house in front of her. she turned her head and jongin was there, smiling shyly.
"do you like it?"
"did you make this?"
"yes, but i need a help from my dad, it needed more time than i expected but finally i made it!" jongin rubbed his back and smiled.
dina ran to him and hugged him, tightly. jongin hugged her, stared at her eyes. it needed less than seconds before their lips locked and it ended up with they spent one night in that tree house.
"this one looks good." dina said while showing the tattoo design to jongin, the other one nodded and ruffled her hair.
"i'll make it on my wrist!"
"which wrist?"
"my right wrist, and you?"
"the other one?"
then both ended up laughing and let their hands got the matching tattoos for the very first time. it was written "μοίρα".
the other night, jongin came with a bottle of liquor and nachos. dina had waited at the treehouse. they spent another night together again, they lied down and stared to the night sky,
"din, what's your dream?"
"spending money, buying fancy things, traveling there and there."
"with you, who else?"
jongin chuckled and stared at her, looked deeply into her eyes.
"i would like to spend my whole life with you, din."
"me too."
they intertwined their fingers and closed their eyes.
"don't leave me, promise?"
but things won't ever work as you planned.
2 years passed and jongin never ever, even once, came back to this town. dina asked jongin's mother and she said jongin was too busy with his college and stuffs. he barely sent texts or called his mother too. dina asked jongin's address and got it from his mother, she also told dina that jongin was in holiday. by that, dina decided to meet him. she missed him so much that it hurt her.

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