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Rivani N
/blame the CeCi video!
rissa just finished her project and left the library when she saw him, in black sleeveless and beanie. she couldn't not admit he was so hot but geez, his face looked so bored,
"hun?" rissa called him and sehun turned his head,
"have you done?"
"you're here? since..... 2hours ago?"
he nodded and got up, he put his hand on her shoulder while smiling,
"i'm hungry, let's have something to eat before we start movie marathon all night long."
"you should go home first hun. i will go to your room, no need to wait for me." she said as she felt guilty for making him waited for 2 hours. sehun shook his head,
"i want to have dinner with you so i waited, no need to put that face. you look ugly." he said as he pinched her cheek and laughed. the other one just pouted before punching his arm, jokingly.
the next morning after the movie marathon, rissa woke up because of a weird dream. she rubbed her eyes to meet one pair of beautiful eyes staring at her,
"awake already?" sehun was there, laying beside her.
"yeah, my body is hurt. i shouldn't sleep on the floor." rissa said as she turned over to the other side, letting her back faced sehun. the other one just chuckled as he putting a blanket on her,
"sleep on my bed, princess." he whispered and curled rissa's hair playfully, sehun admitted it that he liked her hair and rissa got no problem with it, as long as he didn't mess up her bangs.
"stop calling me that way." rissa pushed away sehun's hand and put the blanket all over her, from head to toe.
sehun smiled and lied down beside her again, he kept poking rissa's back to annoy her and he got what he wanted.
rissa turned over to face him and frowned, "sehun i'm sleepy OH MY G-" right before she could finish it, sehun hugged her, letting her head lean on his chest.
"now, sleep."
"what the-"
"i'm still sleepy too. let's just sleep." he said as he put his chin on rissa's head and smiled.
it was one fine afternoon when rissa woke up again after the movie marathon, but this time she was so panicked as she rushed to the bathroom, took a shower and dressed up as nice as possible. sehun didn't even say anything, but he kept staring at her.
"why would you get so panicked?" sehun asked, he knew the answer but it was just too irritating for him. rissa turned her head and frowned,
"you should wake me up at 6."
"you slept peacefully, also we watched movies until 4am."
"but still-"
sehun turned his head to the opposite side and avoided to see rissa, "i know." he said, there was a little disappointment in his voice. but rissa didn't notice it.
rissa took her bag and walked closer to sehun, facing his back.
"sehun, i should go now. kyung is arrived already."
sehun just nodded as he heard rissa left his room and closed the door. he stared at the window with the emptiness and lost,
"comeback soon, rissa."