anggi luhan

the fourth time was anggi came to luhan's movie premiere and luhan saw her. he smiled and waved his hand, the girls behind anggi went crazy but she just nodded and smiled. she pointed to a small gift that she brought to luhan and luhan chuckled while mouthed 'thankyou.' to her. her heart felt so warm,
because it was always feel good right, to see his smile.
because it was always peaceful to see the sparkles on his eyes.
and by that,
anggi wasn't just one of the millions anymore for luhan. she became more than it.
luhan was and still be the only one she would looking for. forever.
the fifth time was luhan arranged a lunch with anggi, just like that fic typical when an idol asked his fans to have a date. but for anggi, it was more than it, it was more than living the fictional plot. because all the matter for her was making sure luhan lived happily and fine.
"doctor told me to leave the group." luhan said during their lunch, it was shocking anggi.
she stared at him, blankly.
"i can't stand the full packed schedule. my body couldn't help it anymore." he took a deep breath, "but i would hurt everyone if i leave right? i don't know which way would be the best." he smiled painfully as he stared back to anggi,
those eyes lost the sparkles that day.
those smile lost the magic that day.
and anggi knew, luhan wasn't the one who wanted this reality.
by that day,
anggi was becoming one of good friends for luhan.
luhan was and still be the only one she would always looking for and taking care of.
the sixth time was when anggi told him she had to go back to her country, that was the day luhan just knew she didn't live in beijing. he was a bit sad but he didn't even let his smile left his face for one second, he hold anggi's hand,
"thankyou." luhan said while lowered his head so he could face anggi,
"for looking after me, this whole time. since the fansign, when i was nowhere to be found, when some people already left me, thankyou for always looking after me."
anggi's heart ached when she heard it, she nodded,
"that's what fans are for."
"you're more than it."
anggi chuckled and shook her head, "i'm just one of your fans," she stopped for seconds then staring back to luhan's eyes "maybe i can't promise you a forever, but as long as i could.... i'll be the one who stands behind you and make sure you life happily."
luhan didn't say anything, he smiled and pulled anggi to his embrace. anggi hugged him back and could feel luhan was shaking, he was crying.
for luhan, anggi was the realest one who understood his choice.
for anggi, luhan was all the matter she would take care of.
"from now on... please live happily and always be healthy, luhan."
and that was the last time anggi ever met luhan in person.

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