anggi luhan

there are sixth time she will always remember forever about luhan.
"i'll be the one who stands behind you and make sure you live happily."
the first time they met each other in real was during a boy group's fansign event. she walked happily with a shy smile and greeted every member. the boys greeted her nicely too,
but her eyes locked at one person,
"what's your name?" he asked while smiling warmly,
"a-anggi!" she answered, nervously while giving her gifts to the boy. the boy nodded and signed on her album.
he gave his hand, anggi stared at it blankly. he titled his head and gave another smile,
"thankyou for the gift! i'm luhan, and nice to meet you anggi."
and by that anggi got the message and shook her hand with luhan, "nice.... to meet you too." the other one nodded and again, gave her another smile, the warmest one she ever seen in front of her. she fell for luhan even deeper since that day.
anggi was just one of the millions fans for luhan.
luhan was and still be the only one for anggi.
the second time, when anggi heard a bad news that he got sick, over-packed concert schedule made him lost his control to eat and sleep. anggi waited patiently at the airport when she heard the boys would be arrived soon, she kept herself a bit away from the crowd because all the matter for her was to make sure if he was okay or not.
but when the crowd started to run chasing the boys, she didn't see him.
luhan was nowhere.
luhan wasn't there with the other boys.
and the last thing she heard was, "luhan is going back to his hometown, he's sick." and "luhan is going to leave this group."
she didn't even know why and how, but she cried at the airport that day.
she sent one message to luhan's weibo 'get well soon.' and hoped for now reply,
anggi was just one of the millions care fans for luhan.
luhan was and still be the only one that she cares the most.
the third time was anggi came to beijing, putting her hope high enough to meet luhan even for seconds. crazy fans? you could call her by that name but she didn't care, because all the matter was seeing luhan with her own eyes. rumor said luhan got thinner and paler because he was sick.
she asked to everyone, the older fans of luhan even some luhan fansites just to know where was he. but obviously no one gave her the answer. she sighed as she walked through the park,
"anggi?" that one voice calling her name, she turned her head.
"oh i'm right! i still remember you, you came to our fansign right? you live in beijing too?" luhan smiled widely as he felt so proud because he could remember her face and name.
but anggi didn't even give an answer, she was standing in front of luhan.
she tried to say something but it ended up, the tears came out.
because honestly,
anggi was just one of the hundreds lucky fans that luhan remembered.
luhan was and still be the only one that made anggi felt so lucky to be born.

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