dumb and dumber could be good friends.
"you know, life would always be an ass to you." Chanyeol said, during their class.
"what happened to you and your girlfriend now?" An gave a lazy answer, Chanyeol turned his head to her.
"you really know me that well, An. i think i fall in love with you."
An just snoozed as turned her head to face Chanyeol.
"what happened 'again'?"
"she dumped me. well, we broke up."
"just it? you don't feel curious at all????" Chanyeol raised his voice, making everyone stared at him. he realized it and bowed "i- i'm sorry!" he said and went back to his seat.
he sighed and stared at An, "i need you." he said in a soft voice but An could hear it,
she nodded, hiding her red cheeks everytime she heard it.
"well, i think i would never get any girlfriend anymore. girls are complicated and su-"
"i'm a girl."
Chanyeol slapped himself then grinned, "you're the exception."
"gross. it has been the 4th time you lost your girlfriend. what's wrong with you?" An asked, not because she cared but she got tired to hear Chanyeol's broke up story with different girls in past 5 months. yes, 5 months.
"they're so demanding and keep asking to have like 4 days every week for them. you know, i have to practice with my band, then we have a lot of assignments, i do also help my mom with her florist. but they didn't understand at all and they even said i cheat on them? geez." Chanyeol shook his head dramatically, An just stared at him. well, she couldn't deny that Chanyeol always got those candy bar girl with fancy things all over their body and they all were so possessive to Chanyeol, but who wouldn't? every girl loved Chanyeol, yes every girl, including An herself.
An let out a sigh everytime she realized she trapped in a very good friendship with her crush.
"you feel me right?! GEEZ I LOVE YOU AN." Chanyeol said as he heard An's sigh, he thought An could understand his feelings. stupid, Chanyeol was just too stupid.
An stared at him, she almost told him the truth but then she didn't, it was way better to have stupid Chanyeol, to have unsensitive Chanyeol.
An loved him, secretly.
it was a gloomy friday and An thought Chanyeol's head against the wall too hard or something.
"let's start a relationship." Chanyeol repeated it once more, kept his stare on An's eyes and hold her hands.
"Chanyeol, are you crazy?"
"i know it's too sudden, but i think we could make a very good couple. you understand me so much and i understand you that much. we're good friends, it's obvious we could be a good couple." Chanyeol said as his eyes sparkling, he was too damn stupid.
but the stupidest was An, she nodded.
Chanyeol hugged her, tight, "yes!!!! YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL, AN. I LOVE YOU."
"i.......... love you too."
and that was the time when Chanyeol would never know, An was serious with her words.
everything went well, too smooth as Chanyeol didn't even have any argument with An because An would always say yes and just

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