straight to the point. how about An? she fell harder than before. everything went too well, and
Chanyeol stared at the girl beside him, it was during their history class. Chanyeol didn't even pay attention the lecturer as he kept staring to An.
Chanyeol sighed, deep down in his mind, he always had that thought to end this relationship. but he didn't want to hurt and lose An. he won't ever want to lose his best- oh well girlfriend. he put his chin on the table, kept sighing as he thought any way to help this relationship.
but then, one crazy thought crossed his mind. he stared to An again with one thought that he was sure 100%, he grinned proudly.
'An just accepted me to be his boyfriend because she never said no to me. she has never, ever, even once fall in love with me. so it would be okay if we break up and get back as friends.'
he thought,
it was their 4 months anniversary, God blessed Chanyeol because it was his longest relationship so far. but he bit his bottom lip uncomfortably, he kept biting his nails and An realized it. she knew it too well, Chanyeol was nervous.
"Chanyeol what's wrong?"
that was it, Chanyeol turned his head to see An. he was waiting for that question, he rubbed his neck. An realized it again as she took a closer seat to him,
"well..." he said in nerve, "i think... we should end this relationship. i mean, thankyou An for giving me a chance. you gave me another experience because i have never got any understanding girlfriend! you're so mature and kind and you always say yes for everything. you accepted me though you know you didn't love me and i didn't love you-"
Chanyeol stopped talking as he saw An stared at him, blankly.
"An, i'm sorry i know this is too sudden but i know it well that you never like me to be your boyfriend at the first place. we're good friends so yeah, i think 4months are enough to make me understand."
"make you understand about what?" An asked him, still stared at him blankly.
"that my type is a candy bar and possessive girl, a demanding one." Chanyeol grinned as he put his hand on An's shoulder and pulled her closer, "meanwhile a tough and understanding girl is my type, as bestfriend!" he smiled brightly.
An's mind went empty that day. she couldn't say even a thing. she was still processing everything.
"so.... friend?" Chanyeol asked while giving her his pinkie. An looked at him for one second then lowered her face, she couldn't face him.
"friend." she said while giving her pinkie.
that was it,
Chanyeol smiled brightly and he would never know,
An was crying soundlessly that day.
An once watched a movie, there was one her favorite dialog.
"dumb and dumber could be good friends."
she forced a smile while turned her head,
"Hi An! sorry for being late!" Chanyeol came full of sweats because he was running, An nodded and smiled.
"it's okay, i know you too well. remember?" Chanyeol grinned and ruffled her hair.
dumb and dumber could be good friends.
yes, friends only.

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