Kak serius nih kakak punya perasaan ngga sih ke sehunnya? bukan feels friendship gitu tapi kek iykwim..... eheee -dari salah satu hunris shipper

there were days when she just stared at his back and took a deep breath. there was something more than a thing called as 'bestfriend'. there was something she had been hiding.
she didn't put her hope yet tried to get it. she was too afraid to lose what she already had with him.
but sometimes,
when she close her eyes and throw her mind back. there's a maybe.
if only she was brave enough to take the chance. if only she once touch his back just to ask one thing. if only she was honest enough to say it.
they might have a different story.
maybe is just a maybe,
what's left is just being left,
time didn't give a second chance, her feelings gone as time flew.