Ask @okkksmfa:

What's your ROBLOX Story/Journey?

-i got mr @ shake shack like very early april 2015 & i met van and maddie and grahm and cyrus and hella ppl
-i got mr @ sb in idek may & met kate and demi & others
-hella fights w/ van ovr the summer
-idk when i joined flawn but i was exiled from ss a few times frm van until someone else became chairman & then he eventually resigned & i got chairwoman & i was exiled from flawn couple times
-i grew aprt from some close friends but grew closer w/ others
-in like sept or smthn i joined flawn & have been there & been bffs w/van rver sjnce
-kate came like late 2015 & she and i & van bcame close lil hobos
-in jan i met hottie amelia & josh & mor thx to james
-rest of 2016 was pretty irrel
****i didn't rlly include much detail but ive met some pretty rad friends past year including @EatYaBunny @KendaIIs @infirmityy @ZxSpeeders & much mor & i heart my lil hobos @TrueInfinity0 @ivxnessa & i heart a lot of other rad pals like @kaylaayay but im 2 lazy 2 list out a shit ton of ppl rn but thx to my rad followers on here who think im gnarly

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