Ask @oliviaye_:

[1]Age? _ [2] Fav color? _ [3] Height? _ [4] Single? _ [5] Best Memory? _ [6] Color Underwear right now? _ [7] Last kiss? _ [8] last hug? _ [9] Crush? _ [10] Kisses or Cuddles

1) 14
2) black
3) 5’4”
4) yes
5) don’t have one
6) blue
7) haven’t had my first kiss yet
8) moments ago
9) don’t have one
10) cuddles 💗

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If someone wants to talk to you , what are the steps they should proceed to reach your acceptance of giving them a portion of your time to listen to ?

As long as the person is polite and genuinely nice, I would love to be friends. Just have good attitude, then there’s no need to be nervous when approaching someone/me. I’m always open to talk.

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Why is getting a woman to express interest in you like pulling teeth from a T REX ?

Guys are stupid, the girl might be interested and they’ll take forever to notice. Whether she’s interest or not, don’t just sit back and observe, do something. Take initiative, don’t wimp out on opportunities.

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