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There’s been an ongoing debate about whether the culprits of the motorway incident should be hanged or not, in my opinion they should be hanged I am all for it but these hangings are not the solution and shouldn’t be celebrated as success because in the past we saw that the killer of Zainab (may her soul rest in peace) was executed but the stats depict it didn’t make any difference in fact these sort of incidents are still on the rise and the main reason in my opinion is that so many people get away with these heinous crimes that they start thinking they’ll never be caught and most of them never are due to bad police work, lackluster technology and victim blaming but the prime reason is that these incidents are hardly ever reported especially the ones involving pedophilia. The thing is that we don’t even bother telling our children that these sort of predators exist in our society and how to avoid being involved in such situations and usually the kids don’t even come forward and tell their parents what had happened because there’s this communication gap and they also fear the reaction they would evoke and even if they tell someone its usually the mother and she thinks that if other’s will find out, her kid’s life would be ruined and in this fear she just pretends that this has never happened and asks the kid to do the same without knowing the trauma that this kid’s got for the rest of his/her life and the fact that the monster that has done this atrocity would be encouraged by not getting caught and would be committing this same crime against someone else’s kid. It’s about time that we generate awareness regarding such incidents amongst parents and the kid’s whether through social media or through TV with shows such as how to catch a predator and what not because this is real, this is happening and something should be done to stop it!

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