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Have you ever fired a gun? Or had to use one in self defense because it was either you or him? Well I have, and let me tell you, The very gun you want to have banned, saved my life. If I had a knife, I would’ve be overpowered. I wish you could’ve been there to protect me with your fists I guess

I dont know your situation but those very guns you speak of have kills thousands of people yearly in the united states. People who arent even old enough to drink alcohol or drive own guns. How is that possible? The number of mass shootings and murders that have increased these past few years is actually shocking. Because of guns, more lives than need be have been taking from us, animals are going EXTINCT because of poachers who use guns. In the UK not even the police own guns and you know the number of fatalities for mass disasters? 0. And the crime rate is extremely low. I believe people should be LICENSED to own a gun for a self sefence in case of a robbery or anything of that nature (such as my parents and i. We own a gun but havent needed to use it.) Please dont take this the wrong way, but guns are killing innocent people, guns are the reason some of our favorite celebrities are dying, the reason our kids are taken too early from us. People make false allegations of a little black boy stealing at their gas station and get shot and killed over something they never even did. Do you know how many KIDS accidentally shoot and kill themselves with a gun just bc they wanted to "look cool"? For the masses, i think guns should be a banned unless you are licensed and if the intentions are for home self defence. There are other weapons out there that are more efficient than a gun would be. This is the real world, people are dying left and right over this issue and i still stand by what i believe in. Sorry you went through what you went through and im glad you're still here with us, but thinking bigger, i still believe guns should be banned.

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