Ask @omgchvndler:

What do you miss, but would like to have at your home? 🏘

My man? 😂😂😂 hmm maybe my art supplies? I go to school in GA and during vacation, i go back to Miami so i packaged all my stuff in fedex boxes and sent them to my grandparents house (bc my family was moving at the time so we didnt have a definitive address) and i syill havent gotten my last 2 boxes filled with art supplies from my grandmas house

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What would you choose? & Why? 1.Power 2. Fame 3.Money.

Then money
Then fame
Power 1st bc im a leader, i like to take charge of anything i put my efforts into. I always want to be the absolute best and treat my peers with utmost respect.
Then money bc.. money
And then fame bc all the attention could be overwhelming at times, sometimes i like to stay lowkey

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