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happy birthday loml ❤️❤️❤️
ik you don’t care about your bday but today is YOUR day. it’s my fave day of the year bc it’s when you started to exist & no better reason to celebrate unless it’s celebrating you. never met someone as strong willed. confident. loving & crazy as you. you’re my biggest source of inspiration. you’re the only person who really has been there for me through hell & back. i’d be glued to you if i could be. imagine getting to spend 24/7 with you??? that’s a dream come true. you’re my other half hadil - no joke. you are the only person in this world who fr gets me. the person whose opinion & thoughts i value the most & the one who can always brighten my day. you showed me love when i wasn't feeling it. maybe it’s because you’re hella priority to me. even if you were wrong (you usually are lets admit :/) i’d still back you up LMFAO. you know we have biological priorities??? food water shelter etc??? i think my brain knows you’re mine. even when i’m half asleep & shit my brain thinks of you it’s like “make sure hadil is okk”. you’re fr so important to me in more ways than you know babe. i couldn’t explain or express how thankful i am for you. i fr love you more than life. i know i tell you this all the time but i’m deadass in love with you. whatever definition of love i have i know it applies to only you. you’re my go to person for everything. tbh i just trust you in a way i don’t trust no one else. you’re my person. & you’re the sweetest person i’ve met. even your sarcasm can be cute or when you think you’re being mean LMFAO. & you’re selfless asf fucking love you for that. no ones cared for me as much as you do. fr hadil i hope this year is a year full of blessings for you - even tho you already got me aka the best blessing <3. i don’t think i could have survived this year without you. you know shit about me no one else on earth does & you know me better than i even know myself. ngl i can’t see my life without you in it bc no one belongs w me as much you do. but most of all thank you for being you & for letting me be me. you’re a person that can make everybody comfortable & in love with you. you’re kindhearted asf as well as cheerful. loyal & you have one of the BEST personalities babe. as if you didn’t know that already tho smh 1 thing you aren’t is humble :/ wbk. even tho you’re younger than me you should know you've taught me a lot. you’ve gave me a whole new perspective of life in the best way possible. today you’ll start a fresh new year of your life. & i’m glad you’re starting it with me being in it. hopefully i’ll be in it for the rest of your life. wishing you’d be showered w happiness & much love this year. you deserve nothing but the best in life. you’re the best person ik & if anyone deserves good shit it’s you. may it be filled w nothing but happiness for you. another year of you being you. happy birthday babe.
// SONG for you: get you the moon - kina ft. snow
love you forever
- carterr

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happy birthday loml 

ik you dont care about your bday but today is YOUR


omgidfc’s Profile Photohadil.
when ur lost, beat and broken ima always pick u up
when u tired of pretending and cant find urself ima come running 4 u
ill be running to u 4 the rest of my life
u can gimme me ur body, ur bones and ur breath and u can gimme ur strenght until u don't have any left, cus i swear ima be there til theres nothing of u left 2 love
- cedric
when ur lost beat and broken ima always pick u up
when u tired of pretending

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