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نُور طِلب ✨
إنَّ قدميَّ ذابتا من البحث، وعينايَ ابيضّتا من التحديقِ بالوجوهِ، وجناحاي خارا من التحليق في السماء؛ لكنني مازلتُ أقتاتُ على ظلامك المجهول، وأتزود بحلمي البعيد، وأراقب قدومك المشهود، وحينها سيستطيع كلٌّ منّا أن يُباهي بالآخر أمام الجميع، ونخبرهم أنّنا في الضُحى وجدنا ما سجدنا لأجلهِ في اللّيل! 💚
- يوسف الدموكي.

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أولاً..عُذرًا.. إذ حلّ بكلماتي الخطأ اللُغَوي 😅! وأنا لا أعلم.. -- maybe :)! , but I'm completely sure that My feelings don't lie to me

Never mind..
Ask her for an excuse, Jamila, and talk to her, maybe there's something wrong you don't know.
So you don't regret feeling like it might be wrong.
Then I loved you so much.
Don't be sad.
I apologize to you on behalf of this sadness and dissonship.

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Really thanks 💜 It just a broken heart which ishas been broken by my friend or my sister too.. U know ? I loved her such as a sister to me ..she was my second home & she was my all & today she proved that I'm nothing to her I'm really broken 💔

For love and generosity.
How did you make sure you didn't mean anything to her?
Maybe it's just a misunderstanding!
Or maybe there's something you don't know yet!

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