Ask @omnomcurlyfries:

Most embarassing time you've fell asleep somewhere?

One time I went to the cinema to watch one of the Transformers movies with a guy who apparently was super into me. This was way back when I was young and oblivious to pretty much anyone being interested in me romantically or whatever (which I still am). I managed to fall asleep early on in the movie and stayed asleep until the very end. Needless to say it was awkward when we separated to go to our respective homes and I never talked to him again. :- )))))))

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What do you do to entertain yourself?

Mostly I play video games. I'm currently playing Dragon Age: Origins for the second time, Assassins Creed, Asura's Wrath, and the first Mass Effect. All of those are 👌👌👌
Otherwise I draw. I've had an empty period where I haven't done that, either because I haven't had the energy/felt the want to, or because I've been sick for the last couple of weeks. I did manage to doodle my space husband Garrus from Mass Effect around New Year's, though.
I also like to do planning around my OCs. Write about them, plan their history, and so on. I love all my babes.
Also enjoy freaking out about Sterek and talk about them and rp them with my fiancé and cry myself to sleep because I think about them 24/7.
Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

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Which series would you recommend watching now?

• Penny Dreadful
• Vikings
• The Walking Dead
• Game of Thrones
• Sherlock
• Hannibal
• In The Flesh
• Orange is the New Black
• Teen Wolf
• American Horror Story
• Grace & Franke
• Sex and the City
• New Girl
• Supernatural
• Queer as Folk
• The L Word
Just to name a few hmu with some shows pls need new shit to watch. 👌👌

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