What does Mark Collett think of your Secular Koranism?

I don't expect him to like it, but he doesn't seem to have any intention of having a serious discussion about how white gentile Europeans need a religion if Christianity is kaput. He seems to have no idea how religion works at all and seems anxious to avoid any attempt on my part to explain it to him. Being working class, nationalists are overwhelmingly atheists who are completely clueless about Christianity and have no idea about its theology, let alone the structure of other religions. All they "know" is that they hate Judaism and Islam. If you as a host nation have no religious principles, as I was explaining to another nationalist today, then those around you who do have them will end up encroaching on your rights. Religion is not an optional extra but a necessity if you want to preserve the integrity and stability of your society. It is actually a law of nature.

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