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In terms of ADC I personally am so sick of the Ashe / Varus meta but with the Doran buff do you think we'll see a resurgence of Vayne, Kalista, Kog, etc. across all regions ?

I'm not a great source for predicting metas or commenting on micro elements like itemization, but I think we already saw a drastic shift in the ADC meta over the last while with Kog'maw, Twitch, etc. Lots of diversity, and I hope it continues, because it allows players and teams to express themselves in different ways and not just be pigeon-holed.

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Are you very hopeful for Immortals? I could be wrong, but it seems like they really got the short end of the straw with the trade. I don't know who their carries are.

Side lanes will be the focus. Cody Sun needs to break out, with Pobelter and Xmithie facilitating.

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How familiar are you with the coaching scene in NA ? Any thoughts on Dylan as a coach and possible impact in FNC ?

Daniel Alexander

I'm not all that familiar with Dylan unfortunately. I think he's got some decent material to work with, and I wish him and his team luck!

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How do you think Dardoch will work on CLG? Was he 'toxic' on TL and IMT because of the poor infrastructure? Does CLG have the right environment for him? And what's the difference between Doublelift and Dardoch? Since DL was kicked and then they get Dardoch..

CLG Dardoch has great potential, especially from a team balance perspective.

To elaborate on my point about playmaking, Dardoch seems like a great addition because he can be a big playmaker and carry. Some of CLG's recent struggles have come from lacking a reliable second carry after Stixxay and a reliable second playmaker after aphromoo (who was stuck on mages so much last split). With Dardoch as a new threat, Huhi should be free to play his more supportive style again.

On paper, it sounds great.

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I know people are saying FW have a good match up vs SKT but feel role for role SKT are just better and i think their play overall is just way better what are the actual chances that FW beat skt? Do u agree that Peanut, Faker, Bang are the best in their role in the world maybe Score better than peanu

Let's not get carried away. :)

Saying FW have a "good matchup" against SKT is, IMO, kind of like saying "they're slightly bigger underdogs than you might think!"

I haven't scouted Flash Wolves extensively, but from what I've watched, I see a team that may be a bit too comfortable winning mid + jungle matchups, taking bot lane tower, and rotating that objective lead around the rest of the map. There are some echoes of last summer's TSM, where there wasn't much need to be good/great at everything, because they could do whatever was comfortable and it just kept working.

This is all in the context of me feeling that Flash Wolves may be the second-best team at the tournament, so I shouldn't be too hard on them. I really want to see them succeed, and if they do take down SKT it will be super exciting (and will probably have a lot to do with Karsa potentially out-battling Peanut).

For the second part of the question: Faker is best in world, Bang is maybe on par with one or two others, but Peanut took a step back this split, still very good but Score is better (and has been for a while), might be a few others better.

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what if KT Easyhoon? would he be a good fit?

Could work. But we've seen that not every Korean player has a good transition after spending time in China. Hard to say how it would actually work. On paper I like it.

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How can someone say x champ is better than y in a lane matchup? What are the factors?

Complicated stuff. Has to do with damage trading patterns in lane (can one champion consistently land an extra 40 damage every time they get in range because of a more reliable skill combo or a mode of crowd control that counters the opponent?), or which champion can push the wave more quickly to get a faster first recall for the first item buy, or who can always get last hits without taking a bunch of harassment because their range and cooldowns are superior... So many things. So very many things. :)

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Explain to me how can you say a person like Forg1ven can be one-dimensional when he can reach top 500 in Europe, Global Elite in CS:GO, play competitively CS 1.6, rank 1 in HotS, be the top 1 in EUW for a long time. It's even more baffling to me when you rate and value Doublelift so highly 1/3

I unfortunately don't have time or incentive to write out a full explanation of my opinions on Forg1ven's skill and value to a team. He is very skilled, but ultimately it should be telling that even after reaching Worlds Semifinals, he does not have a team this split.

I wish him the best, and if we see him back in summer I'm sure we'll get some really entertaining play out of it.

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Best western player?

Bjergsen (if you're going on overall career strength and value, not just most recent performances).

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Who, in your opinion can be a dark horse for this year's MSI? I would have to say G2. They have no pressure on them, everybody expects them to flop and they can surprise a lot of teams. Their macro is solid and comparing this G2 from IEM I think that they've vastly improved.

Can the Flash Wolves be considered a dark horse?

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For the sake of the question, assume TSM wins NA and G2 win EU. What would TSM need to do in order to defeat G2, and what would G2 need to do in order to beat TSM?

Big question, but if I'm G2 I look to snowball through bot lane and draft to neutralize mid into a farm lane. If I'm TSM I want to give Bjergsen a matchup he can dominate so he can back up Svenskeren for invades and both shut down Perkz and get a big lead for team fighting strength.

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What are statistics that can only be attained through manual computations?

I think most or all of the things I listed in a previous answer apply here. Ganks, TPs, team fights.

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See, I knew kt would defeat Samsung! Now, who wins finals, what can your loser do to win, players to watch, etc?

SKT will probably win, unless Huni and Peanut perform poorly allowing Smeb and Score to snowball the 2v2 in top side. SKT would have to drop the ball in draft though, and have Faker really underperform.

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Is there a second best region?

I say no, but it depends on definition.

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who wins 3rd place match eu/na?

Phoenix1 and Fnatic would be my predictions, but EU especially could very much go either way. FNC beat MSF late in the split so I need to see MSF show some good results from their practice since then.

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top 5 adcs in west right now?


1: Zven

2-4: Rekkles, Arrow, Doublelift (once he shakes the rust off a bit more)

5: Stixxay

This is based on who I'd pick for my team, not just who performed best this split.

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What do you think is a useful statistics without pulling out the stats from the match history? I think jungler's pathing is one of them.

Jungle pathing, Teleport effectiveness, gank effectiveness, team fighting... These are all very important things that are either hard to measure, or maybe even inherently unmeasurable.

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What do you think about the eulcs final? Can UOL win it? How?

who wins na and eu?

TSM and G2 are the favourites but I think both series can be close as long as everyone stays strong mentally. I'm comfortable calling 3-2 on both series, with sweeps seeming unlikely.

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" I expect Doublelift will once again be the most valuable ADC in NA this summer." not that I want to disagree. Doublelift is my fav player but Arrow has made a case for MVADC in NA right now. I won't ignore the fact that he shined in a meta that he was known for playing well in KR tho. thoughts?

The Gaffa

Arrow is a solid ADC, don't get me wrong on that point!

Doublelift has the lane dominance that Arrow lacks, both can carry team fights very effectively, but Arrow can be more reliable as utility / low econ. Their strengths overlap in some areas and diverge in others, but Doublelift's strengths are more conducive to being an MVP, in my opinion.

(Watch Arrow win MVP this split and make me look foolish!)

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I view Lourlo and RO as what Liquid should build around. I worry how Matt will play if he has to lead of lane with a rookie adc. Given the stagnant mid pool of NA i think that importing a mid and getting a rookie adc and backup support as the best option atm. Only alternative is Piglet adc again.

I don't disagree, but a lot of things can change in an offseason. Not much would surprise me when it comes to summer TL.

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based off his return matches +relegations, would you say that Doublelift has become an MVP calibre player yet? I dont mean in the sense of performance but whether or not a team can operate just as well without him? kinda like how Bjerg is the core for TSM or Akaadian/Froggen are for EF.

Doublelift was that good last year, can be again this summer with more time to gel in a more stable team. Liquid wasn't the right timing/environment for Doublelift to come in and truly succeed individually, just because they were scrambling and there was no low-pressure lead time, plus everyone knew it was temporary. But with TSM (or elsewhere), I expect Doublelift will once again be the most valuable ADC in NA this summer.

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kt vs Samsung? Who wins, what can your loser do to win, players to watch? Samsung has an impressive streak but I think people might be overrating them when they say they'll roflstomp kt. kt is kinda troll but they could have won their latest match vs Samsung with those early two kills.

Samsung should win because of KT's inconsistency in macro and coordinated map play, but KT have so many great tools that you can never truly write them off.

Pawn has really been underwhelming for me, which bodes poorly for KT because of how good Crown is. But if Score can dictate the early game and KT can fix up some of their communication, KT definitely have a chance.

This could be anything from a SSG 3-0 to a KT 3-2.

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Do you think Reapered won the award for best coach undeserved?

Fabian Hollersen

Coach is the hardest award to vote for. I won't make any claims about how good of a coach Reapered is. I don't know how Cloud9 operates internally.

I voted for someone else, because I thought Cloud9 could have improved more over the course of the split. But the real test is how much Cloud9 have improved over the past couple of weeks, because playoffs are what matter!

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Did you watch FNA vs GIA today? NighT tweeted something along the lines of giants knowing their problem but him not knowing his own, so he's the reason they lost and he isn't the right fit for the team. What do you think?

Wasn't watching closely enough to really diagnose things, but I don't think you can pin the Giants' failure on any one factor or player. They lost some talent in the offseason and couldn't replace it as well as they needed to, and there was good strength in Challenger to punish it.

I hope we see more of NighT, whether in CS or elsewhere.

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