Ask @orange08:

If this isn't too much of a personal question, who would you choose to stay alive with you if some greater powers gave you and one person of your choice the chance to stay alive while every other person simply disappeared from the world?

probably someone who is really good in agriculture and survival... unfortunately I don't know anyone like that...

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Which musical instrument would you like to master?

i havent really given this much thought... i suppose a guitar would be the most ideal musical instrument, it's very portable(unlike piano). However, I lack the time or interest to go into that field. I have too many hobbies as it is.

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What if suddenly decide to reveal all the anonymous question askers? I mean, there's literally nothing stopping them from doing so.

they might be able to give the question askers' ip address but other than that I'm not sure what use it would be

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D͓͇͖͞ö̧̻́̈ ͓͊̑̇́y̫͔̯̝̔̊o͙̞̍̎̀̚u̗̞͂ͫ̐ͯ͆ͩ͝ ̷͓͉̼ͣš̔́ͩ̎eͪͫ̆ė̻̮̙̟̜̮͔͞ ̠̜͙̣̩͛̅̈́̐͡h̲̝̲̤̹̤͋̊͂̈́͜ͅi̊́ͦḿ̧̯̃̋?̶̜̥͍̖̹͕̽̂̈̃ͫ̏ͮ

No, apparently he is invisible/nonexistent.

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are you ever afraid of being impersonated on the internet?

I don't think I'm quite popular enough for that sort of thing... although even if i was popular I doubt it would be a big concern.

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yeah I first got in the internet properly in 2008 too, I didn't have braodband before. Some of your answers are so vague/ambiguous that its funny xD

I guess so

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