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why the hiatus on twitter?

First of all, I have exams so I have to sort out my priorities and that means avoiding fandom for a while because eventhough EXO proves to be a very good inspiration/motivation to live etc etc, it's a very good distraction from studies too! And I don't want that right now because this month's gonna be hell month (exams, requirements, survey trips to isolated islands etc). Another reason would be...because Tao left? Being M-biased from the start (Mama era), it hurts me to see some of the members leaving and all those hurtful comments against them. So I think I need time to fix my life and my emotional problems (Ha!)

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im sure i heard strawberydaifuku before jhgj gaaaahhh i cant remember but i think i've read your works jezus you kid im cry

omg who are you? lol are you ate girlie?
hahahah "works" /pukes bood/ I think you got the wrong writer anon. I have posted just 1 (ONE!) fic in my lj so far? and it's not even a's a drabble omg

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