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Sehun stared at the protruding piece of paper wedged in between the pages of his notebook. He wasn't one to hesitate when it comes to plucking love notes out of the confines of his notebooks and other reading materials. This however, takes the cake. He eyed the unusually thick note that seems to smell strongly of roses. He pulled out the paper, an elaborately decorated envelope and opened it. It was empty.
"Fuck!" Zitao swore under her breath as she watched the love of her life scrutinize the empty envelope again in hopes of finding the sender's signature. She clutched the other part of the note, the letter, in her other hand and went back to hiding inside the broom closet she had crammed into earlier. She was hoping to catch the expression on Sehun's face when he reads her letter. Except for the fact that she forgot to put the letter in the envelope in her haste to find a suitable hiding place. She closed eyes and mentally slapped herself for her stupidity. Maybe this is destiny talking, she thinks. Maybe she's forbidden from telling Sehun how she really feels. Maybe---
"What are you doing in there?"
Preoccupied by her thoughts, she didn't hear the approaching footsteps and was stunned when the closet doors were held wide open by a tall lanky boy with a mop of platinum blond hair. She let out a squeak and immediately backed away. The said boy however, cocked an eyebrow and upon hearing Zitao’s pleas not to hurt her, threw back his head and laughed, the kind of laugh that starts from one’s core, bubbles out one’s lips and cascades down like a clear waterfall down other people’s ears and cause them to laugh as well.
“Come on, you need to get out of there. Jongin said there are awfull stuff stuffed inside that closet” Sehun finally said when both of them stopped laughing. He held out his hand to help her up. Zitao was too busy blushing and mentally scolding herself that she didn’t notice that Sehun had held her hand longer that what was necessary. She also didn’t see the small smile he gave her when she thanked him and scampered quickly out of the classroom. It was on her way home that she noticed that her pockets were empty. And the letter she was supposed to give to Sehun was missing.
She did find it eventually. Stashed inside her locker, inside the familiar rose-smelling envelope along with another note that says 'meet me after class'.
a/n: hello hani! I hope this is fluffy enough? cos this is my first time writing Taohun /splutters/
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